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Undergraduate Programs (A-Z)

Acting - BFA Concentration (Theatre Arts)

African and African Diaspora Studies - Minor

Art History - BA, Minor

Art Studio - BFA (Visual Art), BA (Art Studio), Minor (Art Studio)

Asian Studies - Minor

Commercial Music and Jazz - BA Concentration (Music)

Communication - BA (Concentrations in Communication Studies, Health Communication, Interactive Journalism, Public Relations, and Sports Communication), Minor (Communication)

Cultural Heritage Studies - Certificate

Digital Culture and Design - BA, Minor (New Media and Digital Culture)

English Studies - BA (English), Minor (English), Minor (Creative Writing), Minor (Linguistics), Minor (Middle Grades Education - English)

European Studies - Minor

Film and Production Studies - Minor

French - Minor

German - Minor

Graphic Design/Visual Communication Design - BFA (Visual Communication Design), BA (Graphic Design), Minor (Graphic Design)

Hispanic Studies - BA Concentration (Languages & Intercultural Studies), Minor (Spanish), Minor (Spanish for Health Professions)

History - BA, Minor

Interdisciplinary Studies - BA, BS

Intelligence and National Security Studies - BA, Minor

Islamic Studies - Minor

Journalism and Sports Media - BA, Minor (Journalism)

Multiple Languages Studies - BA Concentration (Languages and Intercultural Studies), Minor (Languages and Intercultural Studies)

Medical Humanities - Minor

Middle Eastern Studies - Minor

Music Education - BME (Music)

Music General Studies -BA Concentration (Music), Minor

Music Performance - BA Concentration (Music)

Musical Theatre - BFA Concentration (Theatre Arts)

Peace and Conflict Studies - Minor

Philosophy  - BA, Minor

Photography - Minor

Physical Theatre - BFA Concentration (Theatre Arts)

Religious Studies - BA, Minor

Russian & Eurasian - Minor

Southern Studies - Minor

Spanish for Health Professionals - Minor

Theatre - BA, Minor

Theatre Design and Production - BFA Concentration (Theatre Arts)


Graduate Programs