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English Programs of Study

English (Bachelor of Arts)

English majors and minors develop the ability to think analytically and creatively and to communicate clearly and persuasively—abilities that are highly desirable in nearly all professional settings and fields of graduate study.

English is a broad and varied discipline, so students will choose one of four concentrations: 1. Composition, Rhetoric, and Linguistics, 2. Creative Writing, 3. Literature and Culture, 4. English Studies. These concentrations allow students to gain expertise in one area and exposure to all areas. Regardless of their chosen concentration, students have a range of options when it comes to putting together their course of study.

In addition to their work in the classroom, students are encouraged to earn course credit for internships both on and off campus, to engage in a study abroad experience, and to conduct research with faculty mentors and advisers. English majors are also encouraged to gain experience in the publication process through The Athenaeum Press, the university's publishing lab.

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English Education (Bachelor of Arts; Coming Fall 2024)

The Department of English, in direct collaboration with the Spadoni College of Education and Social Sciences, will offer a new degree program in English Education in the fall of 2024.

The purpose of the BA in English Education (EED) is to offer a four-year degree that provides the content and credentials necessary to become an English educator at the secondary level. The EED program is central to Coastal Carolina University’s mission, which underscores the university’s commitment to serving the educational needs of the immediate area. The diverse and combined education and English curriculum is designed to offer students a broad foundation in both English studies and pedagogical theory and practice.

English ED Four Year Plan


Degree in Three (Accelerated Program)  

The English Degree in Three is designed especially for motivated students interested in fast-tracking the completion of their bachelor’s degree in English. By enrolling in year-round, structured academic plans, participants earn the same amount of credits offered through traditional four-year degree programs in only three years.

The Degree in Three option is available only to incoming freshmen. Students admitted to the program must begin coursework during their first fall semester and must maintain an overall 3.0 GPA each semester to remain in the program. 

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Digital Culture and Design (Bachelor of Arts)  

The B.A. in Digital Culture and Design is a cross-disciplinary and multi-modal approach to the production, distribution, management, and critical analysis of digital culture as well as the application of digital solutions to research projects in the humanities disciplines. Students will benefit from an array of pedagogies that take advantage of contemporary instructional technologies. Students will gain the knowledge base and skills necessary to create, market, organize, evaluate, and disseminate digital content informed by the humanities.

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Contact: Dr. Sarah Laiola | Assistant Professor | EHFA 106-A | 

Writing (Master of Arts) 

The Master of Arts in Writing graduate program allows students to take courses in creative writing, composition and rhetoric, professional and technical writing, literature, and linguistics. The MAW is an ideal bridge to a future career in any field that values clear, effective communication or to M.F.A. programs in creative writing and Ph.D. programs in composition and rhetoric. Graduate Assistantships, which often cover the full cost of tuition, are available.

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Creative Writing Minor 

The Creative Writing Minor is for students who are interested in writing high-quality poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Students in this minor write their own original poems, stories, and essays, focusing on elements common to all literature, such as detail and description, diction, clarity of thought, and the development of a unique voice.

Contact:  Jason Ockert | Professor | EHFA 233 | 

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English Minor

Students in the English Minor take courses in literature and language. A minor in English is beneficial to students in all majors because it enhances their analytical skills and teaches them how to better communicate their ideas. 

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Linguistics Minor 

The Linguistics Minor prepares students for a variety of language related fields, such as computer programming, education, language documentation, medicine, law, publishing, and more. Linguists bring a new perspective to language through research, grammar, and the study of sound.

Contact: Dr. Daniel Hasty | Professor | EHFA 208 | 

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Middle Grades Education English Minor 

This minor is designed for Middle Level Education majors seeking licensure in Secondary (9-12 Grades) English. The minor gives students a greater breadth of English studies knowledge, specifically in composition and rhetoric, grammar, literary criticism, the development of modern English, and the teaching of reading. Combined with the Middle Level Education major program requirements, this minor provides coursework to prepare students to potentially add-on the Secondary English certification.

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New Media & Digital Culture Minor 

The New Media and Digital Culture Minor is geared toward students who are interested in both English and media by tying together core ideas from creative writing, digital reproduction, and literature.‌

Contact: Dr. Jen Boyle | Professor and Chair of English | EHFA 223 |  

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