New Media & Digital Culture Minor

New Media & Digital Culture Minor

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jen Boyle
Professor | EHFA 292 | 843-349-6654 |

From Twitter Revolutions to online literary journals and news blogs, the world of writing and publishing is changing at a dramatic pace. The emphasis on New Media and Digital Culture in English at CCU builds on the practices and theories of traditional studies in English and Creative Writing to explore the changing dimensions of textual production, reading communities, and scholarship in an age of digital reproduction. The research and teaching interests of faculty in New Media and Digital Culture focus on a range of questions related to new media, literature, writing, and digital culture: How do you prepare to be an informed and creative writer or scholar in an increasingly digital world? What is the role of literary and cultural history in affecting thoughtful critiques about how we create and access digital texts and information? How is new media changing how we think about authorship, copyright, and the past, present, and future of mediated interaction and communication?

Commensurate with the growing integration of digital technologies with humanities and the arts worldwide, and an increasing reliance on digital resources in all walks of life, the interdisciplinary minor encourages coursework from multiple Colleges across the University. The New Media and Digital Culture minor is concentrated on both the practical tools essential to the creation of digital media, and the critical thought required of scholars and professionals in an increasingly mediated world.

Requirements (18 Credits), Course Catalog

Area I (3 Credits)

  • ENGL/NMDC 231: Film, New Media and Culture (3)

Area II (15 Credits)

Choose any five courses from the following, two of which must be from different disciplines and at the 300 or higher level 

  • ARTD 201, 202, 205, 301, 302, 304, 305, 306, 308, 309, 400, 401, 450, 497
  • ARTH 110, 308, 450
  • BINF 101
  • CBAD 393
  • COMM 150, 275, 330, 340, 373, 411
  • CSCI 101, 105, 106, 110, 120, 130, 131, 135, 170, 203, 209, 408, 434 (additional 300 level and above CSCI courses may be approved)
  • DCD 100, 101, 200
  • EDIT all GRAD level courses
  • EDUC 204
  • ENGL 211, 331, 390, 431, 454, 480, 459 (Smith section only)
  • ENVI 331
  • GEOG 200, 204, 310, 311
  • HFA 391
  • HIST 250 (Morehouse section only), 396, 492, 397, 
  • IDS 310
  • JOUR 201, 304, 305, 310, 312, 314, 350
  • MCJ 391, 392
  • MKGT 452
  • PHIL 315
  • THEA 255, 359
  • UNIV 200


  • Up to two courses from a student's major requirements may be applied towards the NMDC Minor requirements.
  • Other appropriate courses may count towards the minor at the discretion of the minor adviser.

Related Careers and Areas of Graduate Study

Web Writing and Design
Scholarly and Creative Editing
Creative Writing
Advertising Copy Editing and Media Production
Technical Writing and Editing
Multimedia Design and/or Production (Newspapers and Publishing)
Communications Management
Educational Technology
Social Media Design
Media Entrepreneurship

Graduate Study
English and New Media Studies
Archive Studies
Cultural Studies 
Rhetoric and Communication Studies
Digital Literacy
Design and Information Studies
Film and Media Studies
Law (Electronic Copyright and Ownership)
Creative Writing (Digital Art and Writing)
Museum and Curatorial Studies
Library Science (Digital Databases and Archives)

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