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English Department Minors


In order to promote writing, reading, and cultural literacy in order to serve a broad student base, the department of English offers a range of minors in areas of English studies in addition to the Bachelor of Arts in English.

Creative Writing Minor

The Creative Writing Minor is for students who are interested in writing high-quality poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Students in this minor write their own original poems, stories, and essays, focusing on elements common to all literature, such as detail and description, diction, clarity of thought, and the development of a unique voice.

Contact:  Jessica Richardson | Associate Professor | EHFA 234 | jliebeck@coastal.edu 

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English Minor 

Students in the English Minor take courses in literature and language. A minor in English is beneficial to students in all majors because it enhances their analytical skills and teaches them how to better communicate their ideas. 

Contact: Dr. Tabitha Lowery | Associate Professor | EHFA 288 | tlowery@coastal.edu 

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Linguistics Minor 

The Linguistics Minor prepares students for a variety of language related fields, such as computer programming, education, language documentation, medicine, law, publishing, and more. Linguists bring a new perspective to language through research, grammar, and the study of sound.

Contact: Dr. Jen Boyle | Professor | EHFA 223 | jboyle@coastal.edu 

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Middle Grades Education English Minor

This minor is designed for Middle Level Education majors seeking licensure in Secondary (9-12 Grades) English. The minor gives students a greater breadth of English studies knowledge, specifically in composition and rhetoric, grammar, literary criticism, the development of modern English, and the teaching of reading. Combined with the Middle Level Education major program requirements, this minor provides coursework to prepare students to potentially add-on the Secondary English certification.

Contact: Dr. Tabitha Lowery | Associate Professor | EHFA 288 | tlowery@coastal.edu 

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New Media & Digital Culture Minor 

The New Media and Digital Culture Minor is geared toward students who are interested in both English and media by tying together core ideas from creative writing, digital reproduction, and literature.‌

Contact: Dr. Jen Boyle | Associate Professor | EHFA 292 | jboyle@coastal.edu 

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Southern Studies Minor

The Southern Studies Minor at Coastal Carolina University teaches students about the American South. Because of the campus location, this is a relevant minor to all students who attend CCU. Students in this minor will explore the history of the South, including racial tensions, the Civil Rights movement, development, and more through historical examples, texts, and media.‌ 

Contact: Aneliya Barnes | Professor | Brittian Hall 380 | abarnes@coastal.edu  

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