English Minor

English Minor

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Tabitha Lowery
Assistant Professor | EHFA 288 |  tlowery@coastal.edu 

The English minor is complementary to many programs of study since employers frequently cite the ability to think critically and write well as the most important job skill. A minor in English will help students develop flexible skills to compete in a rapidly-changing economy and to adapt to working with emerging technologies and new media.  By learning to both write and critically analyze communication in a variety of modes, students will learn to adapt to different audiences and purposes. These skills will increase students’ abilities to solve problems and present ideas effectively to a wide range of audiences through weighing evidence, identifying assumptions, evaluating persuasive appeals, and recognizing faulty reasoning. Additionally students will gain the ability to contextualize and situate written and oral communication within its cultural, historical, and rhetorical context.

Minor Requirements (18 Credits), Course Catalog

Area 1 (3 Credits)

  • ENGL 459 Advanced Composition and Rhetoric

Area 2 (15 Credits)

  • Choose five courses from ENGL 300-499 (15 Credits)


  • Only two courses from a student's major requirements may be applied to the English minor requirements.
  • A grade of C or better is required in each course to be applied toward the minor.