Reading and writing, across all forms of media, are creative actions that change how we see the world and give us the power to change the world through stories and empowering narratives.

The English major covers multiple areas in the humanities and digital humanities. As an English major, you can study literature, film, and other media both in English and in translation in our Literature and Culture or English Studies concentration. You can produce new creative works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry in our Creative Writing concentration or minor. You can study language and writing as acts of social power with global impact, and connected to our most vital histories, you can create and design documents for professional and public audiences, and you can analyze the workings of language through the science of linguistics in our Composition, Rhetorics, and Linguistics concentration.


You can earn a BA in English in just three years or complete a BA and MA in Writing in four with our accelerated program.

Where English Can Take You

English can take you anywhere. Many of our graduates enter the workplace directly, while some choose to pursue graduate study.  We regularly invite speakers with undergraduate degrees in English and digital media degrees to discuss their career paths. These lawyers, artificial intelligence experts, social media influencers and analysts, publishers, and writers will help you imagine your professional future in creative ways. No matter where you go, others will value your skills and insight on language, writing, context, and meaning. Our alumni are highly successful children’s books authors, video and script writers for PBS, and scholars and writers who are competitive and successful in nationally-ranked graduate programs and fellowships.

During my time at CCU, I gained transformative experiences that greatly prepared me for opportunities. Through the Department of English, I secured an enriching office role that sharpened my organizational and communication skills while immersing me in academia. This enabled close collaborations with esteemed professors, expanding my network and deepening my literary understanding. Coastal Carolina provides diverse opportunities which amplified my academic growth, and endowed me with a versatile skill set, positioning me for a promising future.

-Sophia Edens
BA English, 2022

Molly Johnson 2023 (Added 2/23/23) MCD

Without the amazing faculty in the English Department and my experiences instructing classes in graduate school, I would not have the necessary skills to teach first-year composition here at Coastal. I gained so much knowledge in composition, pedagogy, literature, and creative writing that prepared me for real-world application in the classroom and in my personal endeavors. Through both my undergraduate and graduate training, the English Department helped me grow as a person and discover my passion for teaching and writing.”

-Molly Johnson
BA, English and MA, Writing, 2021

English at Coastal

Studying English at CCU will allow you to interact and collaborate with award-winning and innovative faculty while giving you hands-on experience to prepare you for your career.

Kelsey Crough talking about English major

Meet a Major:
Kelsey Crough
English and Communication

Tabitha Lowery 2022 (760) Added 9/27/22 MCD

Meet a Faculty Member
Tabitha Lowery
Assistant Professor, English Literature



Popular Courses in English

ENGL 341: African-American Literature, 1750-present
Tabitha Lowery

You will learn about African American literary and artistic traditions, including the antebellum period, slavery, Harlem Renaissance, Black Art Movement, postmodernism, and Afrofuturism. You will also learn about major themes in African American literature such as double-consciousness, uplift, signifying, and more recent understands of Black futures.

ENGL 351: Language, Gender, and Power
Kristen Fleckenstein

You will investigate language structure and patterns in the context of gender and examine how individuals use language to reflect, construct, and perform gender identities. You will study both historical and contemporary approaches to the relationship between language and gender.

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Composition, Rhetoric, and Linguistics
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Creative Writing
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Literature and Culture
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Creative Writing
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Middle Grades Education - English

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