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Languages and Intercultural Studies

By majoring in languages and intercultural studies (LIS), you can choose one of two concentrations: Hispanic Studies or Multiple Languages. The Multiple Language concentration allows you to combine the study of any of the seven languages offered in the department (Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and German) while emphasizing one language of your choice.  In addition, you can minor in French, German, Languages and Intercultural Studies, or Spanish. Each of these concentrations provides you with critical awareness of the cultures associated with those languages, proficiency in the languages studied, and oral and written skills for communicating in a variety of contexts, including working with multinational businesses and agencies.

BA Multiple Languages - Languages and Intercultural Studies

Minor Languages and Intercultural Studies

Minor Russian & Eurasian

Minor Caribbean & Latian American




Experiential Opportunities

For students studying Languages and Intercultural Studies, the entire world is your classroom.

Study Abroad

Assistantship in the Intercultural Language Resource Center





Intercultural Language Resource Center




After taking your major requirements, the concentration in Multiple Languages provides an intercultural degree that can be applied to any of our language offerings (Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, or Italian).

(2 Courses)

LIS 122 | Introduction to Intercultural Studies 


1 upper-division (300 or 400-level course) in Languages and Intercultural Studies


Participation in immersive experience (study abroad or internship)

Major Requirements 
(10 Courses)

First Language:

2 Courses at 200-level
1 Course at 300 level
1 Course at the 400-level


Second Language:

2 Courses at the 200 level
1 Course at the 200-400 level
1 Course at the 300-400 level

(2 Courses)

480 or 490 in your first language

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The minor in Languages and Intercultural Studies at Coastal Carolina University gives you flexible options for studying the languages and/or cultures of non-English-speaking peoples. Students can choose one of three tracks: area studies, intercultural media studies, or multiple languages.

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Program Faculty Spotlight

The Language and Intercultural Studies Faculty bring a diverse set of global perspectives in literature, culture, and media.

Priscilla Meyers

Alex Hogue

Associate Professor of German

Posthumanism, German Philosophy, Game Studies

Jonathan Doe

Xinyi Tan

Associate Professor of French and Chinese

Asian French Literature, Migrant Authors


Maricio Castillo

Associate Professor of Spanish

Mexican Muralism, Indigenismo, and Transnational Film

Amanda Green
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Student and Alumni Work

  • MidDay with Tre 2023 (Added 2/21/2023) MCD

    MidDay with Tre

    Assistant Professor of Spanish, Edurne Beltrán, Ph.D., comes onto the show to discuss how she found her passion for teaching, international social media, working at Arizona State University, and more…

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  • A plain white background.

    Alumni Achievement

    Joshua McCaslin completed an internship with the German company Jaeger Spindel near Atlanta and now works for a nationwide logistics company in Charleston, South Carolina.

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» Proof of English Proficiency (ESL Students)

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