Intelligence and Security Studies

Mission-driven education for careers with a purpose.

Discover your path to a thriving and timely career in intelligence and security. Our program offers a unique blend of robust theoretical knowledge and practical application, equipping you with the skills to tackle complex real-world challenges. Experience a carefully calibrated balance of traditional learning and hands-on training, as you delve into the study and practice of intelligence and security. Immerse yourself in innovative programming enriched with a wide range of extracurricular activities, including exclusive visits to high-caliber government agencies in Washington, DC. Join our esteemed alumni base of over 600 students and unlock boundless opportunities in the dynamic and fast-growing field of intelligence and security.


Our professors are leading experts in critical areas, such as covert action, espionage, cybersecurity, weapons of mass destruction, and homeland security.

Where Intelligence and Security Studies Can Take You

Since 2012, the Intelligence and Security Studies program has prepared students for careers and graduate study that require rigorous analysis and communication of contemporary security issues.  Using an approach that blends a liberal arts approach with professional knowledge and skills, our graduates are found throughout the Intelligence Community and top-tier graduate programs in the field.

“Now as a lead-analyst, having analysts working under my supervision, I realize that the INTEL program at CCU truly prepared me as an analyst with the equivalent of eight years of experience.”

-T.B., BA Intelligence and National Security Studies, 2019
Lead All Source Intelligence Analyst, U.S. Federal Protective Service

“I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the INTEL program. Really all the skills you need to succeed in the world of national security, that’s what is taught here at CCU.”

-F.M., BA Intelligence and National Security Studies, 2020
Operations Manager, U.S. Missile Defense Agency

Intelligence and Security Studies at Coastal

We intentionally foster a tight-knit community between our students, and our mentoring approach relies on maintaining strong bonds between students and professors. We ensure each student's needs are met, nurturing their academic growth.

Meet a Major:
Shannon Brophy
Intelligence and National Security Studies

Assistant Professor, Politics

Meet a Faculty Member
Joseph Fitsanakis
Professor, Intelligence and Security Studies



Popular Courses in Intelligence and Security Studies

INTEL 315: Human Intelligence

An advanced course that examines the theoretical tenets and diverse applications of human intelligence (HUMINT) methods in collection operations.  The guiding principles and legal parameters of overt and clandestine HUMINT are studies as integral elements of collection activities that take place in both domestic and international settings.

INTEL 343: Weapons of Mass Destruction

This course examines the development and spread of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons, as well as ballistic missiles.  Students study the actual and theoretical use of WMD by states and terrorists, consider their strategic value as instruments of national security, and grapple with problems of arms control, disarmament, and intelligence.

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Intelligence and Security Studies

Facilities and Research

Intel Lab (Added 2/17/2022) MCD

The Intelligence Operations Command Center is an instructional and collaborative workspace, equipped with state-of-the-art information technologies. It is designed to give students in the Intelligence and Security Studies program the experience of day-to-day activities that take place in intelligence organizations.

Coming in Fall 2024

The INTEL Community will be a Living Learning Program that focuses on new student engagement with peers, faculty/staff, and extracurricular opportunities within the INTEL Major and the wider university. The objectives of this effort are to enhance the integration of new INTEL majors into the university community, as well as to develop professional knowledge and skills that will be beneficial in their lives after college.

Complimentary Minors

Program Contact

Joe Oestreich (760) Added 8/10/2021 MCD

Joe Oestreich
Interim Chair, Intelligence and Security Studies
EHFA 203
(843) 349-2433

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