Interdisciplinary Studies

Learn across disciplines. Think beyond boundaries. Design a major that’s right for you.

With the help of a professional advisor, you will build an individualized degree program that imagines your future and makes the most of your projected or current course path. Our students have designed programs in wildlife conservation, cultural arts entrepreneurship, community activism and advocacy, and film and media production––and that’s just to name a few! No matter their focus of study, our majors develop the interdisciplinary perspective, research skills, and problem-solving ability needed to help them take on complex academic subjects and solve real-world problems.  


You can earn a BA or a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies, depending on the area of concentration and your career goals.

Where Interdisciplinary Studies Can Take You

Whether your goal is to gain a specific industry skill set that will land you your dream job, or to prepare to continue your studies at the graduate level, Interdisciplinary Studies can help get you where you want to go. 

“My favorite thing about the IDS program is the flexibility, innovation, and encouragement that encapsulates the major and program as a whole.”

-Rachel Jeric
Current IDS Major
Focus: Linguistic Pathology

“When I learned about the IDS major I knew it would be the right choice because I could customize my studies while including all of my interests.”

-Olivia Brennen
Current Interdisciplinary Studies major
Focus: Social and Environmental Justice

“The IDS faculty were responsive, knowledgeable, helpful, and showed genuine interest in my progress and my success as a student.”

-Ola Watson
IDS Alumna
Focus: Community Advocacy and Empowerment

Interdisciplinary Studies at CCU

Design a degree that unites your passion and prepares for your unique future. As an interdisciplinary studies major, you will be able to forge your path using the immense expertise of all of CCU's faculty and research centers.

Meet a Major:
Janelle Laribo
Interdisciplinary Studies

Katie Clary 2023 (Added 2/23/23) MCD

Meet a Faculty Member
Katie Clary
Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies



Popular Courses in Interdisciplinary Studies

FILM 255: American Cinema

This course explores film history and American culture through screenings, interviews, clips, and analysis of the 20th century's most popular art form. With over a 100 years of movies, students are able study both classic and contemporary films, connecting a wide range of subjects, including history, gender studies, and marketing.

IDS 430: Museum Studies

In this course, students explore different aspects of museum practice, often through hands-on projects. Want to help design an inclusive “touchable” display for a local museum or develop an outdoor educational exhibit at the Waccamaw Tribal Grounds? This class is for you!

Major Requirements  »
Bachelor of Arts in IDS
Major Requirements  »
Bachelor of Science in IDS

Complimentary Minors

Program Contact

Elizabeth Baltes 760 (added 4/20/22) MCD

Elizabeth Baltes
Chair, Interdisciplinary Studies
EHFA 275

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