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Cultural Heritage Studies

If you are interested in archaeology (including looting and the illicit sale of antiquities), museums, art and art crime, architecture, language, rituals, and natural landscape, this is the perfect certificate program for you.

Cultural Heritage Studies prepares you to understand, interpret, and promote a broad range of artifacts, texts, buildings, landscapes, and behaviors of cultures around the world, with an emphasis on our own unique region. In an interdisciplinary undergraduate certificate program in cultural heritage studies, you will train in heritage interpretation and outreach, promoting community engagement in the process. You will develop skills and values pertinent to public history, digital history, museum studies, cultural resource management, and heritage tourism.

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The certificate involves 12 to 13 credit hours, complementing a wide range of majors, including history; anthropology and geography; art history; and hospitality, resort, and tourism management.

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Elizabeth Baltes 760 (added 4/20/22) MCD

Elizabeth Baltes
Chair, Interdisciplinary Studies
EHFA 275

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