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African and African Diaspora Studies

The interdisciplinary minor in African and African Diaspora Studies (AADS) provides you with the learning environment and the tools to deepen your knowledge about the history, art, and culture of people of African descent. From the local Gullah communities through the worldwide African diaspora to the African continent, this field of study seeks to provide a scholarly approach to understanding the lives of black people wherever they are located across the globe. With this minor, you will develop multifaceted analytical tools of inquiry for human engagement and informed citizenship; therefore, the minor complements almost every major. The minor consists of 18 credit hours of coursework drawn from at least three and up to six disciplines.

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In this 18-credit minor, you can choose a foundation in historical research or interdisciplinary research methods. Then, you can choose experiential internships, active research projects, or topics courses that can help you explore the diverse experiences and stories of the global and local African Diaspora.

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Richard Aidoo
Co-Advisor, Associate Professor of Politics

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Gillian Richards-GreavesCo-Advisor, Associate Professor of Anthropology

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