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Internships for CCU Students

All students are encouraged to participate in one or more internships during their enrollment at Coastal Carolina University, regardless of their field of study. Students can work as interns during their fall, spring or summer semesters and earn a grade by enrolling in an internship course in their field of study. There are numerous local internships available, and most majors offer multiple courses that allow students the opportunity to participate in national or international internships. Last year, 1,914 CCU students completed internships for course credit. Some of the major benefits include:

Internships by Major

  • Affirmation of major and career choice
  • Application of classroom learning
  • Development of professional work skills
  • Creation of a more competitive job candidate

Internships Essentials for Students and Employers

  • An internship is structured to benefit both student and sponsoring organization.
  • Internship site and job duties need to be related to the student’s major and/or career interest.
  • Interns should be able to gain a new self-awareness and build confidence in their work ability by successfully completing work assignments.
  • Interns should be given direct and specific instruction by their employer supervisor in order to facilitate learning.
  • Employers should offer interns a broad exposure to various departments and job functions within their organization.
  • Internship experiences should provide a challenging opportunity for the student to develop the following work-related skills:
    • Problem-solving
    • Goal-setting
    • Time management
    • Effective communication
    • Organizational skills

Karen Arnie
Director of Internships, Service Learning, and Employer Engagement
Career Services Center
Lib Jackson Student Union A203