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Internships: Student Testimonials

E. Craig Wall Sr. College of Business Administration

D'Andrea Amendolea (Accounting): "After graduating with a bachelor's degree in business administration with a focus in accounting, I struggled to find employment in my field. I decided to take advantage of the post-graduate internship program and am very thankful I did.  Internships are more than just a learning experience. They help you create networks and opportunities that otherwise might not be available. Had I not participated in the program, I would still be looking for a job, instead I am developing my accounting skills. I just had my first professional interview and job offer thanks to the recommendation I received through my internship provider." 

Christian Centonze (Marketing): "I participated in a music marketing internship at The End Records in Brooklyn this past summer. It allowed me to put what I learned in my business classes into practice, helped build my professional skill set and confirmed my interest in this industry. Networking opportunities were phenomenal. I recommend internships to everyone whether you know or don't know what you want to do. Internships help you gain professional experience and gives you a taste of whatever industry interests you."

Sarah Miller (Management/HR): "The House of Blues in North Myrtle Beach hired me as a human resource intern. I was able to get experience in the field that I am passionate about, and found a company that I would love to work for in the future. I really liked the people I worked with and company culture was awesome. I would highly recommend all students complete an internship to advance their career."

Spadoni College of Education

Jessica Paternoster (Special Education - Learning Disabilities): "I have been lucky to have experienced several field placements, but honored to have my internship at the Socastee Elementary School. The experience has been enlightening, inspiring and has validated my desire and passion to become a special education teacher. The faculty were very embracing and the students were eager to learn from me. Overall, my internship was an invaluable experience in my pursuit of becoming a future educator. I highly recommend that all students at CCU consider participating in an internship, specifically in the field they are passionate about. I know I can make a difference as a special education instructor."

Michelle Wood (Middle Grades Education): "Being in the classroom is my passion, and after a few years of education courses, I was excited to intern in a 6th-grade classroom at a local middle school. The students and the faculty at the school made me feel welcome from day one. The ability to practice different learning theories, lesson structures, and management plans is a confidence builder. Having an experienced teacher in the classroom to validate my decisions was critical to setting up my own successful classroom. I am thankful to have been given the opportunity to have an internship through the Spadoni College of Education."

Thomas W. and Robin W. Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts

Ryan Cirignano (Graphic Design): "My internship with CCU Athletics not only allowed me to improve my resume and strengthen my portfolio, but it also taught me valuable lessons that classrooms can’t teach. I did my best in hopes to develop a portfolio respectable enough to land a decent job in a competitive industry. My internship at CCU helped put my foot in the door to the career of my dreams. If it wasn't for being a proud Coastal Carolina Chanticleer, I would have never become a Cleveland Indian!"

Hannah Eades (Communication): "My internship was with a real estate firm in the Myrtle Beach area. My job focused mainly on the marketing and PR for the company. I created a business Facebook page and developed fliers that were used for open houses and agent recruitment. After this experience, I feel that I have gained knowledge that will help me move forward in my college and professional career."

Jillian Frederick (Communication): "I learned so much by interning at WBTW News Channel 13 in Myrtle Beach. Every day is a different story. I worked with anchors/reporters Brie Jackson and Erika Hayes, assisting them in producing their newscasts. My duties included observing producers, helping write news stories and assisting with taped on-camera segments in the field with reporters. There are a lot of details you won’t learn in the classroom. I was lucky to work at a place where everyone was willing to help and work with me. This is the field that fits me.”

Bryant Lewis (Political Science/History): "I secured an internship with Jubilee USA in Washington, D.C. with the help of the Washington Internship Institute. By working in the political arena I was able to stay informed of critical foreign and domestic issues. I increased my public speaking skill by interviewing and giving speeches on behalf of the organization, with a structure that allowed me to incorporate my own research. Attending the Washington Internship Institute program was truly the best decision of my life so far."

Anastasia Rhodes (Political Science): "My experience in Washington, D.C. was a significant step in my academic and professional career. Working for the Office of Attorney General for the District of Columbia was a great lesson not only because I improved my legal writing skills and developed professional contacts, but I also realized that my career goals have shifted in a different direction. I was able to learn a lot about effective workplace relationships, about professional conduct and behavior, and about the importance of personal development in a professional organization."

Shelby Siros (Communication): "The Dream Careers Internship Program was instrumental in placing me in a talent management company in Los Angeles, California. This internship allowed me to travel and learn more then I could have ever imagined. I hope to pursue a career in that field. Thank you Dream Careers for helping me realize my full potential."

Brianna Stith (Art Studio): "I interned at the Burroughs & Chapin Art Museum working with children to plan lessons and learn about how an art education program functions in a museum setting. As a future teacher, this opportunity has better prepared me to enter the art education field. I have learned a great deal from this internship, including patience with children, creating and adapting lessons to the specifics of each age level and learning level, and how to react in a classroom setting. Internships can be demanding, but they are fun and will open up a lot of opportunities."

College of Science

Amanda Bernadyn (Sociology): "I interned in Los Angeles, California, this past summer at a psychiatry and psychopharmacology office and loved it. I was able to gain experience with administering tests, scheduling patients, observing therapy sessions and became HIPAA certified. This experience exceeded my expectations and assured me this is the field I want to make as my career."

Laura Biggs (Biology): "Interning at Select Physical Therapy helped me decide that being a physical therapist is exactly what I want to do with my life. Shadowing a PT gave me the opportunity to see firsthand what a work day will consist of much more than just reading about it in a book. I would definitely recommend that every student participate in at least one internship before they graduate."

Kristin Gunning (Marine Science): "I have participated in several internships since entering Coastal. I worked at the National Aquarium in Baltimore as an aquarist assistant intern, compiling and collating loggerhead sea turtle nesting data from the southeast. I also worked at the Center for Marine and Wetland Studies as an environmental education intern, providing information about our valuable coastal resources to the public. Although my internships were vastly different, they all helped me gain valuable work experience and make connections for future employment."

University College

Christine Koch (Interdisciplinary Studies): "As a future educator, I was able to get my internship at Risen Christ Lutheran School in North Myrtle Beach. I was placed in a classroom where the first graders and second graders are combined so I was able to get a feel for both grades. This internship has provided me with the confidence I needed to get in front of a classroom full of students and be able to teach them in a way that the information is understood. I have learned how to differentiate the workload from first and second graders within the same lesson, and I have developed a lesson plan structure that conforms to the core values of the school."

Antonio Mark Jr. (Interdisciplinary Studies): "I have interned at a local entertainment management company in Myrtle Beach as a talent management intern. Working there has allowed me the opportunity to be exposed to many different facets of the music industry, from contract negotiations to venue coordination. The experience I have gained there will be invaluable to my future plans. Being an interdisciplinary studies major has allowed me to combine diverse subjects such as business, law and music, and put together a course of study that will directly prepare me for my career. I highly recommend that students participate in at least one internship while in college."