Faculty Contacts - Coastal Carolina University
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Faculty Contacts

This list contains the names of faculty for students to contact in order to determine course enrollment eligibility and a list of all courses associated with each department. 

Anthropology and Geography
Susan J. Bergeron, Associate Professor/Chair
sbergero@coastal.edu ~ 843-234-3496
Course: ANTH*395, ANTH*396, ANTH*495, GEOG*495

Business (all majors)
Ellen Ryan Hayward, Wall Center  Director of Career Services  
eeryan@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-2679  |
Courses: ACCT*497, ACCT*697, CBAD*297 CBAD*497, CBAD*697, CDAD*695 ECON*497 FIN*497, MBA*697, MGMT*497, MKTG*497 HRTM*180, HRTM*230, HRTM*280, HRTM*380, HRTM*381, HRTM*480


Melanie James, Associate Professor 
mjames@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-2729 | Wall Building (WALL) 201
Courses: ACCT*497, AACT*697, CBAD*697

Paul Richardson, Chair/Internship Coordinator
prichar@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-2598
Courses: N/A

John J. Hutchens, Chair
jjhutche@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-2169
Courses: BIOL*395, BIOL*399, BIOL*499

Paul Richardson, Chair/Internship Coordinator
prichar@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-2598
Courses: N/A

Coastal Marine and Wetland Studies
Rich Viso, Chair/Assoc. Professor |  
rviso@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-4022  |
Course: CMWS*701

Communication, Media and Culture
Holody, Kyle James, Chair/Assoc. Professor  | Jeffrey Ranta, Ph.D Assistant Professor
kholody@coastal.edu ~ 843- 349-2946  |  jranta@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-6662
Course: COMM*495, COMM*496

Computer Science and Information Systems
Jean French, Chair  |  Cox, Crystal K,  Associate Professor
jennis@coastal.edu ~ 843-234-3430  |   crystal@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-2144
Course: CSCI*497

Digital Culture and Design
Sarah Lozier-Laiola, Assistant Professor
slozier@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-6941
Courses: DCD*495, DCD*496

Education All Majors
Betsey Costner, Clinical Field Placement Academic Advisor/Internship Coordinator
btcostne@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-6958
Courses: ARTE*550, EDEC*340, EDEC*379, EDEC*423, EDEC*466, EDEL*341, EDEL*343, EDEL*467, EDEL*472, EDEL*481, EDEL*488, EDML*325, EDML*445, EDM*468, EDM*489, EDM*490, EDM*491, EDM*492, EDPE*479, EDLD*410, EDLD*411, EDLD*412, EDLD*459, EDLD*469, EDLD*478, EDLD*479, EDSP*310, EDSP*320, EDSP*410, EDSP*450, EDSC*547, EDSC*548, EDSC*549, EDSC*551,  EDSC*552, EDSC*553, EDSC*590

Rebecca Childs, Associate Professor/Internship Coordinator
rchilds@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-6428
Courses: ENGL*495, ENGL*683, JOUR*495, MALS*697

Exercise and Sport Science
Gregory Martel, Chair  |  Christine Rockey, Internship Coordinator
gmartel@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-2957  |  crockey@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-6920
Course: EXSS*495

Finance and Economics
Dennis Edwards, Chair  |  Ellen Ryan Hayward, Internship Coordinator
dsedward@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-2130  |  eeryan@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-2679
Courses: ECON*497, FIN*497

Health Sciences
Fredanna McGough, Chair  |  Mary Kate Powell, Lecturer/Internship Coordinator
fmcorma@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-2991  |  mpowell@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-2754
Course: PUBH*485

Aneilya Barnes, Chair
abarnes@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-2345
Course: HIST*495

Intelligence & Security Studies

Johnathan Smith, Professor/ Director
jonsmith@coastal.edu  ~ 843-349-6573 | Brittan Hall (BRTH) 352

Interdisciplanary Studies

Jennifer Boyle, Assistant Dean and IDS Department Chair
jboyle@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-6654
Courses: IDS*495

Gregory Martel, Chair  |  Sandra Wilson, Associate Professor
gmartel@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-2944  |  swilson@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-2457
Courses: KRSS*397, KRSS*497

Management and Decision Sciences
Mitchell Church, Chair  |  Ellen Ryan Hayward, Internship Coordinator
mchurch@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-6911  |  eeryan@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-2679
Course: MGMT*497

Marine Science
Craig Gilman, Chair
gilman@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-2228 | 
Courses: ENVI*399, GEOL*499, MSCI*395, MSCI*398, MSCI*498

Marketing, Hospitality, and Resort Tourism
Monica Fine, Chair  |  Taylor Damonte, RTM Director  |  Ellen Ryan Hayward, Internship Coordinator
mfine@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-2229 |  tdamonte@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-2698 |  eeryan@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-2679
Courses: MKTG*497, HRTM*180, HRTM*230, HRTM*280, HRTM*380, HRTM*381, HRTM*480

Master of Accountancy, Master of Business Administration

Melanie James, Associate Professor
majames@coastal.edu  ~ 843-349-2729
Courses: ACCT*497, ACCT*697, CBAD*697

Mathematics and Statistics
Keshav Jagannathan, Professor
kjaganna@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-6466
Courses: MATH*399, STAT*399

Jeffrey Jones, Chair/Associate Professor
jones@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-2561
Courses: MUS*415, MUS*435, MUED*551

Wanda Dooley, Director of Nursing
wdooley@coastal.edu ~ 843-839-1117
Courses: NUR*410P, NUR*420P

Philosophy and Religious Studies
Dennis Earl, Chair
dearl@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-4094
Courses: PHIL*333, PHIL*495

Physics and Engineering Science
George Hitt, Assistant Professor/Chair | Monica Gray, Program Director
ghitt@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-4047  | mgray2@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-6601
Courses: N/A

Politics and Geography
Adam Chamberlain, Chair/Assoc. Professor  |  Karen Diane Williams, Internship Coordinator
achamber@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-6594  |  kwilliam@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-2621
Courses:INTEL*495, INTEL*498, POLI*491, POLI*495, POLI*498

Professional Golf Management
William Feagin, Internship Director  |  Donald Brook, Advisement Coordinator
wfeagin@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-2972  |  dbrook@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-6486
Courses: PGMP*180, PGMP*280, PGMP*380, PGMP*480

Andrew Terranova, Chair
terranova@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-4034
Courses: PSYC*490, PSYC*495

Recreation and Sport Management
Donald Rockey, Associate Chair/Professor
drockey@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-4040
Courses: RSM*392, RSM*496, SPT*590

Robert Jenkot, Chair
rjenkot@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-2274
Courses: SOC*395, SOC*495, SOC*498, SOC*499

Strategic Languages and Intercultural Literacy
Courses: FREN*495, GERM*495, SPAN*495

Swain Scholars
Courses: SWNS*401, SWNS*402

Theatre and Musical Theatre
Eric Hall, Chair/Assoc. Professor
ehall1@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-2423
Course: THEA*495, THEA*495A, THEA*495B

University College
Megan McIlreavy, Associate Dean  |  Michele Varga, Interdisciplinary Studies Internship Coordinator  |  Ina Seethaler, Assistant Professor/Director, Women's and Gender Studies
mmcilrea@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-2728 |  mvarga@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-6528  | iseethale@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-6919
Courses: IDS*495, UNIV*395, UNIV*495, WGST*495

Visual Arts
Stephanie Miller, Chair/Associate Professor
smiller@coastal.edu ~ 843-349-2630
Courses: ARTC*365, ARTD*495, ARTD*496, ARTS*495, ARTS*496, ARTE*541, ARTE*550