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For Faculty

Thank you for supporting our students by serving as a faculty instructor/coordinator for CCU internship courses in your department!  While each academic department determines their internship courses, credits and requirements, there are a few University wide procedures and forms that we ask all internship faculty to follow.

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University Internship Requirements

Each internship at CCU requires a Learning Contract, a Memorandum of Understanding, and a Student Code of Conduct. Starting in Fall 2022, the forms are all included in the University Template process in CCU Handshake Experiences.  We have included a training video and  on how this system works, and have a helpful Internship Learning Contract Worksheet for you and your students.  If you are a faculty department internship coordinator and need CCU Handshake administrative access, please email Karen Arnie at .

We also have helpful videos and instructions on our internship process for Students and Employers as well.  Please note that we strongly encourage students to talk with their academic advisers and department faculty internship coordinators early in their search process.

Student Internship Search Assistance

The Career Services office and the Director of Internships are here to support and help students, faculty, and employers throughout the internship process. We assist students with internship searches, networking (faculty are great resources!), resumes/cover letters, interview skills, LinkedIn profiles and employer connections.

Feel free to check out our services and programs at

Helpful Documents:

Internship Work Hours Log
Internship Learning Contract Worksheet
Faculty Instructions Sheet
Faculty Instructions for Handshake Evaluations
Standard Employer Final Evaluation Survey of Intern
Standard Student Final Evaluation Survey of Internship

International Internships

International Internships are organized and processed through the Center for Global Engagement.  Please visit to see the steps for moving forward with an international internship.  For direct questions, please reach out to

Approving an Internship Request 

Have a student who’s looking to get their internship experience approved for credit? Here’s how you start. Our request/approval process is through Handshake and requires you to complete online forms regarding the student’s internship, so that they can be approved for academic credit.

If you'd like to download these instructions as a pdf, you can do so here.

Before Approving the Request

Bracket Talk with your student regarding the details of their internship and encourage them to reach out if they have any questions.
Bracket  Always feel free to reach out to the University Internship Director, Karen Arnie, at for assistance and any questions with this process!
Approving the Experience Request
  1. You should receive an e-mail from Handshake. Navigate to this e-mail and select “Review Experience Request” at the bottom of the e-mail (This will open up Handshake). If you do not see the e-mail make sure to check your spam/junk folder.

  2. This first page includes basic information about the job details. Once you have reviewed the information, click “Next: Experience Details.”

  3. On this next page titled “Experience Details,” there will be nothing listed since the information was input by the student in the student survey. Simply click “Next: Student Survey.”

  4. Review the information input by the student in this Student Survey. Once you have verified everything is correct, click “Next: Reviewer Survey."

  5. Review the information input by the employer in this Reviewer Survey. Once you have verified everything is correct, click “Next: Your Survey.”

  6. Input information into this Faculty Survey and initial to indicate your agreement accordingly. Once everything has been filled out, click “Next: Your Response.”

  7. On this last page, you do not have to enter any information. If you have input everything correctly, click “Approve Experience.”

  8. You have now completed your step in the approval of your student’s experience!

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Approving the Experience Request


Want to see more about the process? Feel free to check out the student or employer instructional documents and videos. This is not required, but will give you a better understanding of what happens before your step in the process.

For more information, contact:

Karen Arnie
Director of Internships, Service Learning, and Employer Engagement
Career Services Center
Lib Jackson Student Union A203