Music Performance

Music is a fundamental part of the human experience. It improves individual well-being and creates a shared experience for all within our global community.

The Music Performance concentration in the Music major puts emphasis on building the necessary skills to develop a successful career as a solo and ensemble performer in the modern musical landscape. In addition to our music foundation courses, you will benefit from performance instruction within applied lessons and ensembles. You will develop valuable real-world skills performing solo recitals and playing in both large ensembles and chamber music groups.


Music is one of a handful of programs that offers scholarships to talented incoming students. 

Where Music Performance Can Take You

Whether you want to pursue a career in education, commercial music, or performance, or combine the study of music with another major, you will find our extensive alumni network already making change in your targeted field.

“I am forever grateful for the Coastal Carolina Department of Music and the wealth of experience that it provided me. The faculty and staff were always so supportive, and they demonstrated for me what it means to be a quality musician while also teaching me how to be a good person along the way.”

-TJ Anderson
MM in Conducting, Appalachian State University
current DMA student at University of Texas

“Attending Coastal as a music major was an amazing experience. Not only did I meet amazing people and have an amazing voice teacher, but I learned so much about my instrument and how to use it. I also learned so much about myself, my work ethic, and my performance. To this day when I have something to do that I’m really nervous about, I always remind myself of the times Coastal pushed me out of my comfort zone, and I remember that I can do anything. It really has given me tools to help me navigate this industry confidently.”

-Naomi Schulman
Professional Singer and Recording Artist, New York City

Music Performance at CCU

Meet a Major:
Alondra Johnson
Commercial and Jazz Music

Eric Schultz Duel (Added 2/8/2021) MCD

Meet a Faculty Member
Eric Schultz, DMA
Assistant Professor and Grammy Quarterfinalist


Popular Courses in Music Performance

MUS 124: CalypSamba

CalypSamba provides students from all over campus the opportunity to explore world cultures through the performance of music. The ensemble consists of a diverse group of undergraduate students majoring in a variety of different fields. During its 20-year history, the ensemble has studied and performed musical styles from Africa, Japan, Trinidad and Tobago, India, Cuba and Brazil.

Careers in Music

A course open to all musicians interested in a career in music regardless of major. This course surveys multiple career options, and offers an overview of marketing, music publishing, and copyright law. Students interview industry professionals and finish with a project that serves as a steppingstone for their careers post-graduation.

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Jeffery Jones 760 (Added 9/28/20) MCD

Jeff Jones
Chair, Music
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