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Music Performance

The Music Performance concentration in the Music major puts emphasis on building the necessary skills to develop a successful career as a solo and ensemble performer in the modern musical landscape. In addition to our music foundation courses, you will benefit from performance instruction within applied lessons and ensembles. You will develop valuable real-world skills performing solo recitals and playing in both large ensembles and chamber music groups.

BA Music Performance - Music



Experiential Opportunities

Pop 101

Opera Workshop

String Ensemble

Wind Ensemble  (Added 10/14/2021) MCD

Wind Ensemble



Performance Spaces

Wheelwright Auditorium (added 10/21/2021) MCD

Wheelwright Auditorium

Recording Studio 760 (Added 10/21/2021) MCD

Wheelwright Recording Studio

Outdoor Stage 760 (added 10/21/2021) MCD

Outdoor Stage

Recital Hall Edwards (Added 11/8/2021) MCD

Edwards Recital Hall




As part of your program, you will complete two solo recitals and take additional courses in music theory, music history, and music business beyond the standard music core curriculum.

(32 Credits)

Ensemble (4 semesters)
MUS 100 - Recital Class (7 semesters)
MUS 119 - Introduction to Music Technology
MUS 115 - Concepts and Elements of Music Theory
MUS 116 - Principles of Harmony and Voice Leading
MUS 215 - Chromatic Harmony and Modulation
MUS 216 - Musical Structures
MUS 117-218 - Ear Training and Sight Singing I-IV
MUS 172-273 - Class Piano I-IV
MUS 253-254 - History of Western Music I-II


Performance Requirements

Applied Music (8 semesters)


Ensemble - 4 additional semesters

3 Credits of Health & Wellness

(11-14 Credits)

MCJ 310 - Careers in Music

Instrumental Studies

MUED 165 - Class Voice I
MUS 333 - Conducting and Score Reading
MUS 334B - Instrumental Conducting
MUS 339/414-415 - Applied Instrumental Literature and Pedagogy

Vocal Studies

MUS 135 - English Diction for Singers
MUS 136 - Italian Diction for Singers
MUS 137 - German Diction for Singers
MUS 138 - French Diction for Singers
MUS 434 - Vocal Literature
MUS 436 - Elementary Voice Pedagogy
MUS 333 or 334 - Conducting and Score Reading or Choral Conducting


Music Electives (12 credits)


MUS 300 - Junior Recital
MUS 400 - Senior Recital

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Instrumental Concentration
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Vocal Concentration



Program Faculty Spotlight

Priscilla Meyers

Phillip Powell

Professor of Music

Piano, Piano Literature, Piano Pedagogy, Rhetorical Devices' Musical Parallels

Jonathan Doe

Amelia Rollings Bigler

Assistant Professor

Voice and Voice Pedagogy


Jesse Willis

Associate Professor

Percussion, Marching Arts, World Music

Amanda Green
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Student and Alumni Work

  • Elise Testone Music Alumni on Album Cover

    Elise Testone (2005, Vocal Performance)

    Elise Testone is a critically acclaimed vocalist showcasing the combined sounds of soul, rock and funk. After landing in the top six of American Idol, her career continues to flourish in New York.

  • Keeping the Beat of a Legacy

    Huggins, a current freshman, hadn’t set foot on this earth when the program was founded, yet her talent, determination, and open-ended approach to music make her an ideal scholarship recipient.

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Jeffery Jones 760 (Added 9/28/20) MCD

Jeff Jones
Chair, Music

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