Audition Information


All students wishing to enter music degree programs in the Coastal Carolina University Department of Music must successfully complete the audition process.

  1. Apply to Coastal Carolina University
  2. Use this link to register for your music department audition date.
    We highly encourage all students to audition on one of our in-person audition dates, however if scheduling prevents you from attending any of the above dates, we will accept recorded video auditions via mp4 or unlisted Youtube links.

The in-person Audition Dates for 2024 are:  

*January 13, 2024

*February 3, 2024

*March 2, 2024

*March 23, 2024

Audition repertoire should be selected based on the audition requirements, updated audition requirements for 2023-2024 are now available.

In addition, please review the Degree Program Requirements for your area of interest.

We urge you to contact the faculty member for your instrument/voice to introduce yourself and engage with them.


General CCU Admission Application Deadlines

  • Early Decision (ED): Apply by October 15; notification by December 1; enrollment required by January 15.
    • If Coastal Carolina University is your first-choice, then early decision is a good choice for you. Early decision is a binding commitment to enroll at Coastal Carolina University if admitted. If you are accepted early decision, you agree to withdraw all applications from any other colleges. You must submit a non-refundable enrollment deposit by January 15.

  • Early Action (EA): Apply by November 15; notification by December 15; enrollment required by May 1. Early action is non-binding and will notify you of your decision by December 15. To be considered, your application must be complete by November 15.
  • Regular Decision (RD): Apply by February 1; notification by March 1; enrollment required by May 1. Your application must be complete by February 1.

CCU Music Department Application and Scholarship Deadlines  

CCU Department of Music scholarship priority deadline is February 3, 2024. To be considered for music department scholarships, students must have their audition completed by this date.

The audition deadline for the CCU Department of Music is April 1, 2024. All students seeking admission to the department of music for Fall 2024 must have their audition completed by April 1.



Available Scholarships and Awards

  • Visual and Performing Arts Merit-Based Award (audition required)
  • Visual and Performing Arts Transfer Award (audition required)
  • Chanticleer Band Program Award (all majors eligibile - audition required)
  • Music Performance Award (audition required)

If you have any questions about the audition process, please email or call Dr. Jesse Willis, Music Department Audition Coordinator, at 843-349-2776.