Theory and Aural Skills Assessment

Skills Assessments


All new and transfer students music take the Aural Skills Assessment prior to their first semester of study in the Department of Music. This assessment will be administered individually and is approximately 15 minutes duration. All incoming students will receive personal notification of the exact time and location of the assessment at least one week prior to the beginning of the Fall semester.

The Aural Skills Assessment is designed to assist faculty in optimally placing each student in the Ear Training Sequence of courses. You will be asked to echo-sing melodic patterns and echo-tap rhythmic patterns (up to eight beats), identify intervals (played melodically and harmonically), walk a steady beat while singing a familiar song, sing intervals up and down from a single pitch, identify chord quality, and sight-read rhythmic and melodic examples. Scores will determine your placement in either MUS 170 Basic Musicianship or MUS 117 Ear Training and Sight-Singing I.

Summer Theory Prep

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Transfers students are strongly encouraged to take the exam the year before they apply as placement results will help determine how long it will take to complete the major. All potential and incoming transfer students should contact the Department of Music at 843-349-2637.