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"Nothing is more important to national security and the making and conduct of good policy than timely, accurate, and relevant intelligence.

-Dennis Blair, Former Director of National Intelligence


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In the years since September 11th, an increasingly complex world has created a strong demand for intelligence and security professionals. The Department is designed to meet that need by preparing students for entry-level positions or graduate study in security-related career fields that involve research, analysis, planning and timely evaluation of policies and programs.

Created in 2012, this program works to this objective by utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach that emphasizes a combination of practical and theoretical understanding of intelligence within a liberal-arts context. To achieve that goal, Intelligence and Security Studies courses focus on the collection, analysis and dissemination of information on critical and timely topics, which inform present-day security debates in government and beyond.

Intel Lab (Added 2/17/2022) MCD

The Intelligence Operations and Command Center (IOCC) is NOW OPEN!  The IOCC is a state-of-the-art facility designed to give students the day-to-day experience of activities that take place in an intelligence organization.  Designed with reference to operations centers that are in existence at agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency, the Intelligence Analysis and Operations Center is equipped with cutting-edge technology.  Here, students can focus on activities such as intelligence collection, analysis, briefing skills, and crisis decision-making.  The IOCC is a dedicated resource available only to students in the Intelligence and Security Studies program to experience first-hand the critical and timely functions of intelligence operations in a volatile and unpredictable world.

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  • State preferences, viable alternatives, and American covert action, 1946-1989 (Article)
    This study introduces novel data on American covert action during the Cold War, as well as new data on the presence of viable alternative regimes throughout the Cold War. This data is then used to ... Written by Jordan Roberts, Assistant Professor



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Student and Alumni Work

  • Students Publish Peer-Reviewed Article on COVID-19

    Students Publish Research in Peer-Reviewed Journal

    While many college students were struggling to adapt to the new normal during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Intel majors Junior Ana Maria Lankford and senior Derrick Storzieri published their research.

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  • CIB students recruit others to their table.

    Chanticleer Intelligence Brief

    Intelligence and National Security students have the opportunity to practice generating professional-level intelligence briefs for their local communities and the globe.

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  • Inside the FBI

    Agency Insiders

    CCU students are fortunate to have a program that allows them to see, hear, and interact with those doing the work and hiring new employees in national security agencies.

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  • Shannon Brophy, Intelligence and National Security Major.

    Shannon Brophy

    an intelligence and national securities studies major at CCU, interned with the Sultanate of Oman as an intern with the United States Department of State.