Welcome to the Gupta College of Science, your premier destination for a comprehensive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education. Our college's foundation is built upon a strong and distinctive liberal arts core, innovative and relevant STEM programs, and the integration of nationally recognized high-impact practices (HIPs) to enrich experiential learning.

As the largest college within Coastal Carolina University, we take pride in offering an impressive array of 13 distinctive undergraduate degree programs, covering diverse fields from biochemistry to psychology. We also provide 15 focused concentrations that allow students to develop expertise alongside their degrees, along with 18 minors and one certificate program to further customize their education. For those pursuing advanced studies, we present two master's degree programs and one doctoral program.

One of the factors that set our students apart is the extraordinary experiences they gain throughout their academic journey. Our nationally recognized HIPs open up a world of opportunities, enabling students to actively engage with faculty in cutting-edge research and outreach through our esteemed centers and initiatives.

Additionally, we offer three dual-degree options, and for those interested in the MBA program offered by the Wall College of Business, our Coastal Marine and Wetlands Studies track presents an enriching pathway.

Discover the Gupta College of Science today and unlock your potential through transformative education and real-world experiences that will propel you toward a successful future.

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