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The Gupta College of Science boasts amazing research opportunities for our students. In addition to independent study options, students can apply to the Research Fellows Program, the premier program for undergraduate research for STEM majors, or be a part of the Vertically Integrated Projects program, a program comprised of teams of undergraduate students from different academic years, disciplines, and backgrounds who work with faculty and graduate students on ambitious, long-term projects. Both are excellent opportunities for students to gain firsthand experience in their chosen fields while receiving mentoring from seasoned faculty.

Gaining research experience is an excellent way to apply knowledge gained in the classroom, explore areas of potential career or graduate school interest, and develop valuable skill sets. In fact, undergraduate and graduate research is considered a “high-impact practice” nationally that helps prepare students so they are “career-ready” while also sharpening a student’s critical-thinking skills.

In addition to the information below, please also visit CCU’s Undergraduate Research website for tips to get started. 

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