Research Fellows Program

Research Fellows Program

The Gupta College of Science-Research Fellows Program (RFP) is the premier award for undergraduate research for STEM majors. The goal of this program is to enrich the undergraduate academic experience of STEM majors through the nationally recognized high-impact practice (HIP) of undergraduate research. Through this program, students are provided access to faculty mentoring on a cutting-edge research project that provides a professional research experience for the student. This program aims to support the experimental research of our students during their academic careers at Coastal Carolina University. This research experience helps students create a competitive edge as they consider graduate school, employment, or other post-graduation plans.

*The application process is currently closed. Please contact Dr. Richard Viso for more information. *

The Basics

• Up to $2,500 per Research Fellow for salary, materials, and/or travel
• For projects in collaboration with a faculty mentor
• Funds research, scholarly and creative projects
• Eighteen to 30 expected awards annually, based on the availability of funds

Review Process

All applications/proposals from eligible students that are complete and follow these guidelines will be evaluated for merit. An appointed Gupta College faculty review committee will decide all award decisions. Applicants and mentors will be notified via email of award decisions prior to the end of the spring semester in which the proposal was submitted. Applicants will also receive feedback about their proposals. Projects will start immediately during the subsequent fall semester. The following criteria will be used to assess proposals:

• Overall merit and organization of the project idea.
• Clarity in the explanation of the project’s purpose and relevance to the scientific discipline.
• Ability to complete project outcomes during the stated project period.
• Solid mentorship plan that will provide excellent faculty mentoring for the student.
• Student’s readiness for the project – how this project will help the student develop his or her research knowledge and skills.