Proposal Requirements and Description

Proposal Requirements/Description

 A completed research proposal is one combined pdf document that includes each of the following on separate pages in this order:

1. The one to two (1-2) pages proposal of the project with the student’s full name, the faculty mentor’s name, and the title of the project at the top of the first page. No title page is needed.
2. References/Works Cited
3. Project impact statement
4. Detailed budget with budget justification
5. Statement about the mentor’s current and pending support to make sure the project can be funded and supported beyond the funds provided by this award
6. Mentorship plan – how the mentor and student will work together throughout the duration of the project period to complete the project.

**For item 1 above, the proposal cannot exceed two (2) pages. For items two through six (2-6), each of these items should be limited to one (1) page each. A completed proposal should be no more than seven (7) total pages once all items are combined.

Proposal Requirements


  • Centered at the top of the proposal page, include your project title. Underneath the title, include the student’s full name, major, mentor’s name, and department.
  • Proposal Page Limitations: May not exceed two (2) single-spaced pages.
  • Format: Use Arial or Times New Roman and a font size of 12 points with a 0.5-inch margin (top, bottom, left, and right).
  • A clear, concise description of the proposed project, which includes the following required sections and their required titles.

The following order is suggested but may be altered for narrative flow:

  • Research Question (OR Research Statement)
  • Succinct Project Description
  • A tentative Timetable for Project Outcomes (to help the reviewers estimate if the project can be done within the stated project period)

References cited using the primary citing format of the discipline (e.g., Works Cited, Bibliography, etc.)

Project Impact Statement: A brief and separate statement on project impact (including how the project is connected to the student’s academic, personal, or professional goals).

The student should state how this project will help them further develop as a STEM student through the acquisition of specific knowledge and/or specific skills in the discipline.

Budget: the budget and budget justification should identify the allowable costs for the project.

Current and Pending Support: Please attach the mentor’s current and pending support (funding). If no other funding exists, please indicate that as well. A faculty mentor having current and pending support is not a requirement for this award.

Mentorship plan: The faculty mentor must provide a concise plan of how the faculty mentor will have sustained and purposeful interactions with the student during the research period. Any specific training the student is required to receive from the mentor in order to do the project should also be listed. (Not included in the page limit, can be an extra page).