Budget - Coastal Carolina University
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Budget and Budget Justification

  • The maximum requested amount is $2,500 per proposal. The student does not have to request the full amount – the amount requested should reflect what is appropriate to conduct the project.
  • Expenditures cannot exceed $2,500 – if costs go over $2,500, the home department of the faculty member is responsible for the overage.
  • No cost share or matching funds are required.
  • Materials and supplies purchased for this project remain the property of CCU (NOT the student’s property).
  • Students may receive academic credit (e.g., independent study) while receiving a salary/stipend for the project.
  • Students may receive concurrent funding from other sources.
  • All travel (international and domestic) must comply with all CCU travel requirements and processes.
  • Travel costs for research or conferences MUST be itemized with estimates. They must include the destination and an explanation or justification for this travel or reason for this particular conference.
  • A budget justification is required to explain all expenditures for the grant proposal.

Allowable Costs

  • Salary and fringe benefits of the undergraduate applicant(s) ONLY
    Salaries can begin no earlier than the grant start date of August
    No back pay for work completed prior to the grant start date is permitted
  • Travel (domestic and international): Student travel is essential to conduct or present the project   
    No more than $1000 may be requested for conference travel
  • Project supplies - all purchases remain CCU property

Unallowable Costs (Prohibited)

  • Faculty or graduate student compensation (including salary, benefits, travel, etc.)
  • Tuition payments
  • Payments, compensation, or travel for anyone other than the undergraduate applicant(s)
  • Student salary prior to grant start date
  • Reimbursement for supplies purchased prior to the grant start date
  • Food (except for travel-related expenses)
  • Alcoholic beverage
  • Publication costs