Eligibility - Coastal Carolina University
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Student and Mentor Eligibility

Student Eligibility

• Student must be a current, degree-seeking undergraduate student in one of the majors of the Gupta College of Science
• Good standing with the university (no academic or judicial probation)
• International students are eligible (US citizenship or permanent residence not required)
• Only one proposal may be submitted per student during an application year
• Students can only be selected as a Research Fellow once

Mentor Eligibility

Primary Mentor

• CCU GCOS faculty member (includes TT, NTT, Research, and Teaching Associates)

Secondary Mentor (optional)

• Graduate students
• Community/external partners

Responsibilities of Primary Mentor

• To assist the student in developing the project idea, the methodology/plan, the application, the budget, and the proposal.
The proposal should be written by the student. The mentor should provide expertise on the subject and guidance on the methodology and project plan.
• To help the student understand the research and scholarship of the discipline.
• To help train the student on specific skills and techniques the students will need to complete the project.
• To set expectations for a typical work week and the level of effort required for the project.
• To manage the account expenditures related to the project with departmental assistance.
• To ensure the safety of the student in the research setting.
• To ensure all IRB approvals and/or the ethical use of animals in research is followed for all projects.