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Communication, Media, and Culture

Our two majors (Communication and Journalism & Sports Media) are perfect for students interested in human interaction, how and why messages are created, and what their impacts are. More than 500 Coastal Carolina University students are in our majors and over 100 students are in the Communication, Health Communication, or Journalism minors.

Bachelor of Arts: Journalism & Sports Media
Bachelor of Arts: Communication
Master of Arts: Communication (Social Change & Leadership)

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Department Administration

Dr. Kyle J. Holody
Department Chair
Brittain Hall 312 |

Dr. Christina Selby
Associate Chair
Brittain Hall 315 | 843-349-2954 |

Lisa Bair
Administrative Specialist
Brittain Hall 311 |

Dr. Linsay M. Cramer
Graduate Coordinator
Brittain Hall 305 | 843-349-4151 |

Dr. Jeffrey Ranta
Internship Coordinator
Brittain Hall 314 |

Cole Davis
Professional Advisor
Brittain Hall 331 | 843-349-2904 |

Emily Schneider
Professional Advisor
Brittain Hall 328 |


The Department of Communication, Media, & Culture is committed to the pursuit of intentional, reflective, and systemic practices and praxes to mitigate and alleviate exclusion, inequity, hate, violence, and any forms of communication that sustain or reinforce such attitudes and behaviors. As members of the National Communication Association, we affirm the values expressed in its Credo for Free and Responsible Communication in a Democratic Society and its Resolution Condemning White Supremacy in Political DiscourseWe are committed to working towards social justice and the condemnation of communication and actions that promote and/or express hatred, discriminationintolerance, and violence.

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