Honor Society + Student Awards

Lambda Pi Eta Honor Society

Lambda Pi Eta is the honor society from the National Communication Association. The chapter at Coastal Carolina University is Upsilon Eta.

Lambda Pi Eta is an invitation-only honor society, meaning you can be invited to join by your instructors in the Department of Communication, Media, & Culture if you meet the following criteria:

  • Be currently enrolled at Coastal Carolina University and in good-standing
  • Be in the upper 35% of your academic class
  • Have completed at least 60 credit hours overall
  • Have completed at least 12 credit hours in COMM, JOUR, and/or PRSC courses
  • Have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.00 overall
  • Have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 for all COMM, JOUR, and/or PRSC courses

Because the honor society's members are the students faculty consider most deserving to be honored, members must also exhibit high standards of personal and professional character and support the purposes of the honor society. The name Lambda Pi Eta represents the first letters of what Aristotle described in The Rhetoric as the three modes of persuasion—Logos (logic), Pathos (emotion), and Ethos (ethics).

For further information, please contact:

Dr. J. C. Abdallah
Co-Advisor: Lambda Pi Eta honor society
Brittain Hall 324 | 843-349-4133 | jabdallah@coastal.edu

Dr. Andrea Bergstrom
Co-Advisor: Lambda Pi Eta honor society
Brittain Hall 321 | 843-349-2861 | abergstro@coastal.edu

2024 Spring Inductees
Haley Cable Madison Sharrock Emma Yacavone
2021 Spring Inductees
Erica Armellino Brittney Cassidy Taylor Hardwick
Shelbi Ankiewicz Savannah Cody Voc Trabon
Madison Bauer Amanda Fiucci  
Joshua Carroll Paige Gandy  
2019 Fall Inductees
Eden Alon Kelsey Kopec Samantha Thompson
Morgan Cvetko Emily Samsel Catherine Williams
Jensen James Farrada Kimberly Sharrett Liv Winstead
Courtney Frances Bryce Ross  
2019 Spring Inductees
Cora Allard Jeremy Govan Victoria Schimmel 
Lexy Cody Leanna Guarascio Devockius Tabron
Dahlia DeHaan Shannon Hossler Cory Uram
Katie Ennis Madeline Nicosia  
Cali Eustis Lexa Samer  
2018 Fall Inductees
Jonnay Anthony Nick Forlenza Kyla Miles
Madeline Filling Elni Frommann Alexandra Sickmen
2018 Spring Inductees
Cassandra Bailey Amanda Ferrigno Rachel Panichella
Brandon Brown Savannah Harden Brooke Paschal
Courtney Bryant Tamara Hauck Kennedy Permenter
Jessica Childers Morgan Howder Nicole Pippo
Kaitlyn Dallis Kae Huang Brittany Shaughnessy
Genevieve Damron Morgan Labbree Emily Thorpe
Teiatra Davis Kiersten Laird Hannah Wolf
Madison Dunn Kourtney Mortimer  
2017 Spring Inductees
Alexis Mayo Destiny Robinson  
Yolanda Mullins Victoria Smith   
2016 Spring Inductees
Alexis Belinksy Megan Foster Bessie Wilson
Kristin Carofano Lindsay Hickman  
Sean Haney Monica Trepiccione  
2015 Fall Inductees
Katie Estabrook Devonte Peterson Logan Weiss
Jamie Figueiredo Nicole Rydstrom Taylor Wightman
DeKira Hemingway Alexus Washington  
2015 Spring Inductees
Madison Crockett Olivia Honeycutt Alexandra Morris
Caitlin Cusimano Megan Hucks Erin Ortiz
Rebecca Cwalina Lauren Imbrogno Breonna Pinckney
Kayla Haggerty Braden Jefferson Alexis Wheeler
Milt Higgins Victoria McDermott  
2014 Fall Inductees
Katie Beaulieu Carlie Mills Ariel Wiest
Samantha Bergold Shannon Mitchell Alyssa Williams
Kelsey Flowe Taylor Sheets  
2014 Spring Inductees
Molly Downs Michael Sean Lampley Jeffrey Sitts
Yasmina Elmesiry Alexandra Morris Jody Sutton
Kasey Keith Marissa Polascak Deanna Washington
2013 Fall Inductees
Carissa Collins McKenzie Lane Kara Olson
Samantha Diorio Jessica Oakes Leah Thomas
Kyle Jordan Stephen Oakes  
2013 Spring Inductees
Joseph Bell Anna Murphree Mianna Specht
Alexandra Berno Casey O'Connor Meghan Tyler
Jen Dorman Taylor Patton Jesse Uzzel
Caitlin Kagel Alex Richardson Emily Wood
Kathryn LaViola Josh Shipley  
DeMarcus McDowell Nicole Slatky  
2012 Fall Inductees
Jenny Boyce Maria Fox Shelby Sioris
Jamil Brown Leshia Goodwin Robert Spallone
Wendy Baruch Allison Herron  
Eliana Elia Jordan Letts  
2012 Spring Inductees
Lauren Akers Casey Mason Caroline Wells
Kassidi Efird Samuel McLaurin Mary Jane Wolff
Sara Kasper Cari Nogas  

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2023-2024 Award Winners
Linda P. Kuykendall Endowed Scholarship Winners Dylan Countiss
Riley Lewis
2023-2024 Award Winners
Justin Holloway Memorial Public Speaking Award TBD
Outstanding Freshman  Morgan Belton
Outstanding Sophomore  Libby Pippin
Outstanding Junior Brittany Wheeler
Linda P. Kuykendall Endowed Scholarship Winner  TJ Hailstock 
Emerging Scholar  Haley Cable
Outstanding Senior in Communication Emma Yacavone
Outstanding Senior in Journalism & Sports Media Jordan Moore
Outstanding Graduate Student  Victoria Kyriakopoulos
2022-2023 Award Winners
Justin Holloway Memorial Public Speaking Award Jalisa Eady
Outstanding Freshman  Brady Roselle 
Outstanding Sophomore  Madison Sharrock 
Outstanding Junior  Isabella Wilson 
Emerging Scholar  Madison Cox 
Linda P. Kuykendall Endowed Scholarship Winner  TJ Hailstock 
Outstanding Senior  Dyneira Brown 
Outstanding Graduate Student  Oscar McConnell 
Miss Teen Earth USA

Presley Patrick

2021-2022 Award Winners
Justin Holloway Memorial Public Speaking Award Christian Steele
Outstanding Freshman  Madison Sharrock 
Outstanding Sophomore  Vincent Pisano 
Outstanding Junior  Thomas Vehige 
Emerging Scholar  Natalie Corson 
Linda P. Kuykendall Endowed Scholarship Winner  Kellie Colville
Outstanding Senior  Shelbi Ankiewicz 
Outstanding Graduate Student  Dahlia DeHaan
2020-2021 Award Winners
Justin Holloway Memorial Public Speaking Award Mario Carpentieri
Outstanding Freshman  Kellie Colville 
Outstanding Sophomore  Shelbi Ankiewicz 
Outstanding Junior  Austin Brewer 
Emerging Scholar  Bryce Ross 
Linda P. Kuykendall Endowed Scholarship Winner  Nicole Bergman 
Peggy Mishoe Annual Writers Scholarship  Danielle Johnson 
Outstanding Senior  Vilmarie Ocasio 
Outstanding Graduate Student Madison Dunn 
2019-2020 Award Winners
Outstanding Freshman  Brianna Strohl 
Top Communication Studies Student  Madeline Filling 
Top Health Communication Student  Danielle Johnson 
Top Interactive Journalism Student  Brandon Davis 
Top Public Relations/Integrated Communication Student  Liv Winstead 
2018-2019 Award Winners
Outstanding Freshman  Jalen Parrish 
Outstanding Sophomore  Hailey Shetler 
Outstanding Junior  Dylan Kernehan 
Emerging Scholar  Brittany Shaughnessy 
Undergraduate Research Award Winner (3rd Place) Olivia Dimatteo
2017-2018 Award Winners
Outstanding Freshmen Alexandra Daumeyer, 
Devockius Tabro
Outstanding Sophomore Lauren Smith
Outstanding Junior Markita Kintzer
Emerging Scholars  Madison Crocket,
Megan Foster,
Allison Moss,
Rachel Panichella 
Outstanding Senior C. Lindsey Hanks
Women in Philanthropy & Leadership Legacy Endowed Scholarship Allison Moss
Leadership & Involvement: Unsung Hero of the Year Award Ian Livingston Brooking
2016-2017 Award Winners
Outstanding Sophomore Savannah Harden
Outstanding Junior Megan Foster
Outstanding Senior Milton Higgins
Dyer Fellow Dr. Rachael Houston
Homecoming Queen Morgan Howder
2015-2016 Award Winners
Undergraduate Research Competition (1st Place) Rachel Hansen
2014-2015 Award Winners
Outstanding Sophomore Savannah Harden
Outstanding Junior Megan Foster
Outstanding Senior Milton Higgins
Dyer Fellow Dr. Rachael Houston
Homecoming Queen Morgan Howder
2014-2015 Award Winners


Outstanding Senior,
University Distinguished Undergraduate Student Award
Sommersil Tarabek
Undergraduate Research Competition (1st Place) Carlie Mills
2011-2012 Award Winners
Jackson Scholar Kara Olson
Leadership & Involvement: Living the Ritual Award Allison Roof
2010-2011 Award Winners
Leadership Challenge Member of the Year Patrick Squire
2007-2008 Award Winners
Leadership & Involvement: Rising Student Leader Award  Patrick Squire
Leadership & Involvement: The Chanticleer Spirit Award to Individual Bradley Bowen 
Leadership & Involvement: Outstanding Organization President  Eugene Bellamy 
Leadership & Involvement: Hall of Fame Inductee Heather Eurell
Wall Fellow Kimberly Daniel,
Michelle McDaniel

Elanna Rubenstein '11 - 2024 Commencement Speaker

Vilmarie Ocasio '21 - 2023 Coastal Carolina Outstanding Young Alumnus of the Year

Meghan Laffin '14 - 2016 Coastal Carolina Outstanding Young Alumnus of the Year

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  • 2022-2023: The Chanticleer staff: Madison Sharrock, assistant editor
  • 2022-2023: Tapestry magazine: "On the job: Communication majors in action"
  • 2022-2023: Edwards College Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Committee: Dyneira Brown
  • 2021-2022: Edwards College Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Committee: Dyneira Brown
  • 2020-2021: Edwards College Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Committee: Brandon Davis
  • 2015-2016: CCU students, professor act in thriller on FMU campus
  • 2014-2015: Student Government Association: Eliana Padron, president
  • 2010-2011 The Chanticleer staff: T'ara Smith, assistant editor
  • 2010-2011 The Chanticleer staff: Corrie Lee Lacey, editor
  • 2009-2010 Archarios staff: Rachel Hogan, weekend coordinator
  • 2009-2010 The Chanticleer staff: Corrie Lee Lacey, assistant editor
  • 2007-2008 Student Government Association: Sam LeClair, vice president of public relations
  • The Atheneum newsletter: Luke Maslow
  • The Atheneum newsletter: Nicole Slatky
  • Coastal Carolina University Student Profile: Rebecca Cwalina

#CCUFamily was a social media series Coastal Carolina running from Fall 2016 to Fall 2020. Fortunately for us, many of our then-current students were featured in the series! Follow the links to learn a bit more about our students, their experiences while at Coastal Carolina University, and which were their favorite professors and classes.

Many of these students went on to graduate programs or even to work at Coastal Carolina after graduation, so they went from students to colleagues. We're so proud of our alumni.

2020 Fall Semester
Reid Hamilton    

2019 Fall Semester
Katie Ennis Sydney Laforge TJ O’Sullivan
Riley Hobbs Francesco Migliano Corie White

2019 Spring Semester
Cora Allard Jonte Johnson Connor Uptegrove
Liam Breen
Lexi Moore Jarrett Allen Zissett 
King Edward Brown III
Morgan Morini  
Jeremy Govan Rasheed Norman  

2018 Fall Semster
Zach Belger Nathan Dyer Nicole Pippo
Ian Brooking Rae’L Jackson  

2018 Spring Semester
Kelsey Kramer  Kiki Sirett  Huston Todd

2017 Fall Semester
Katelin Gandee
- YouTube Highlight
Brittany Southerland  
Megan Garrell Patrick Winum   

2017 Spring Semester
Brittany Alford TJ Kilbride Bessie Wilson
Louis Coppola
Tyrone McKenney Patrick Winum
Wyatt Davies
YouTube Highlight
Lizzy Motolla Veronica Xifaras-Piva 
Katie Estabrook Gabrielle Poston Kasie Young
Blake Graham Alice Riley  
Kae Huang Maddy Saunders  

2016 Fall Semester
Taylor Anderson Meghan Gianforte C. Lindsey Hanks
Brandon Brown Megan Foster Morgan Howder 

2014 Fall Semester
Alexandra Morris
- YouTube highlight
Samantha Riley  
Alex Richardson Quentin Smalls