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Communication, Media, & Culture

Department Administration

Dr. Kyle J. Holody
Department Chair | Professor
Brittain Hall 312 | 843-349-2946 | kholody@coastal.edu

Lisa Bair
Administrative Specialist
Brittain Hall 311 | 843-349-2450 | lbair@coastal.edu

Dr. Christina Selby
Associate Chair | Professor
Brittain Hall 315 | 843-349-2954 | cselby@coastal.edu

Dr. Corinne Dalelio
Graduate Coordinator | Associate Professor
Brittain Hall 313 | 843-349-2963 | cdalelio@coastal.edu 

Dr. Jeffrey Ranta
Internship Coordinator | Assistant Professor
Brittain Hall 314 | 843-349-6662 | jranta@coastal.edu

Dr. Misti Williams
Department Advising Coordinator | Senior Lecturer
Brittain Hall 320 | 843-349-6514 | mwilliams@coastal.edu

Professional Advisors (Freshmen and Sophomore Years)

Heather Huffman
Director of Edwards Advising
Brittain Hall 330 | 843-349-2941 | hhuffman@coastal.edu

Ana Maria Lavado
Advisor: Freshmen/Sophomore majors and minors
Brittain Hall 327 | 843-349-2904 | alavado@coastal.edu

Emily Schneider
Advisor: Freshmen/Sophomore majors and minors

Brittain Hall 328 | 843-349-2827 | eschneide@coastal.edu


Rachel Abarbanell
Teaching Associate
Communication Coordinator for Auxillary Enterprises

Dr. J. C. Abdallah
Assistant Professor
Brittain Hall 324 | 843-349-4133jabdallah@coastal.edu

Chris Bailey
Teaching Associate

Jane A. Bailey
Teaching Associate

Nadzeya Batson
Brittain Hall 320 | 843-349-2450nvbatson@coastal.edu

Dr. Andrea Bergstrom
Associate Professor | Graduate Faculty
Assessment Coordinator | Co-Advisor: Lambda Pi Eta honor society

Brittain Hall 321 | 843-349-2861abergstro@coastal.edu

Ian Livingston Brooking
Teaching Associate

Claire Calhoun
Teaching Associate

Dr. Linsay M. Cramer
Associate Professor | Graduate Faculty
Brittain Hall 305 | 843-349-4151lcramer@coastal.edu

Dr. Corinne Dalelio
Associate Professor | Graduate Faculty
Graduate Coordinator | Course Director: COMM 150

Brittain Hall 313 | 843-349-2963cdalelio@coastal.edu

Michael DiGiorgio
Teaching Associate
Digital Studio Director
Edwards Building 255 | 843-349-2678mdigiorgi@coastal.edu

Krystal Dotson
Teaching Associate

Dr. James Everett
Professor | Graduate Faculty
Brittain Hall 306 | 843-349-2583jeverett@coastal.edu

Angela Fabbri
Teaching Associate

Dr. Wes E. Fondren
Associate Professor | Graduate Faculty
Associate Dean, College of Graduate and Continuing Studies
Director, Johnson-Brown Innovation & Opportunity Center

Singleton Hall 152 | 843-349-6656 | wfondren@coastal.edu

Matt Hogue
Teaching Associate
Coastal Carolina University Athletic Director

Dr. Kyle J. Holody
Professor | Graduate Faculty
Department Chair
Brittain Hall 312 | 843-349-2946 | kholody@coastal.edu

Dr. Candace Howell
Teaching Associate
HGTC.edu Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs/Dean, School of Arts and Sciences


Dr. Sofia Karatza
Associate Professor | Graduate Faculty
Brittain Hall 309 | 843-349-2496 | skaratza@coastal.edu

Dr. Elizabeth Muckensturm
Senior Lecturer
Brittain Hall 325 | 843-349-6968emuckenst@coastal.edu

Dr. James Ndone
Assistant Professor | Graduate Faculty
Co-Advisor: Lambda Pi Eta honor society
Brittain Hall 308 | 843-349-2725 | jndone@coastal.edu

Dr. Adam Pitluk
Assistant Professor | Graduate Faculty
Brittain Hall 317 | 843-349-2496apitluk@coastal.edu

Dr. Jeffrey Ranta
Assistant Professor | Graduate Faculty

Internship Coordinator | Advisor: WCCU Radio
Brittain Hall 314 | 843-349-6662 | jranta@coastal.edu 

Brian Roessler
Senior Lecturer

Brittain Hall 318 | 843-349-2163broessle@coastal.edu 

Steve Rondinaro
Teaching Associate

Dr. José Sanjinés
Professor | Graduate Faculty

Brittain Hall 319 | 843-349-2467 | sanjines@coastal.edu

Kimberly Schumacher
Senior Lecturer

Brittain Hall 316 | 843-349-6572kschumach@coastal.edu

Dr. Christina Selby
Professor | Graduate Faculty
Associate Department Chair

Brittain Hall 315 | 843-349-2954cselby@coastal.edu

Jeanne Stewart
Lecturer | Course Director: COMM 140

Brittain Hall 318 | 843-349-6909jstewar1@coastal.edu 

Sharon Tutrone
Brittain Hall 325 | 843-349-2450stutrone@coastal.edu 

Dr. Verne Walker
Teaching Associate
Director of Career Services

Dr. Wendy Weinhold
Associate Professor | Graduate Faculty
Advisor: The Chanticleer (newspaper)
Brittain Hall 323 | 843-349-6471 | wweinhold@coastal.edu 

Dr. Misti Williams
Senior Lecturer
Department Advising Coordinator

Brittain Hall 320 | 843-349-6514mwilliams@coastal.edu

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Deborah Cunningham Breede
Professor Emeritus

Gwen Fowler
Senior Lecturer

Linda Kuykendall
Senior Instructor

Dr. Steven Madden
Distinguished Professor Emeritus

History of Department

2001 - Communication major developed by Dr. Lee Bollinger and Linda P. Kuykendall, in Department of English
2005 - Dr. Deborah Cunningham Breede hired as full-time Communication faculty member in Department of English
2006 - Communication major begins in Department of English (chair: Dr. Sarah Sanders)
2007 - Department of Communication forms (chair: Dr. Steve Madden)
2009 - Department of Communication & Journalism (interim chair: Dr. John Navin)
2010 - Chair: Dr. James Everett
- WCCU Radio begins
2012 - Department of Communication, Languages, & Cultures forms between Department of Communication & Journalism and Department of Foreign Languages (chair: Dr. James Everett; associate chair: Dr. Christina Selby)
- Communication major offers four concentrations (communication studies, health communication, interactive journalism, public relations/integrated communication)
2016 - Department of Communication, Media, & Culture forms, separate from new Department of Languages and Intercultural Studies (chair: Dr. Wes E. Fondren; associate chairs: Dr. Christina Selby, Dr. Kyle J. Holody)
- Communication major offers five concentrations (adding sports communication)
- Master of Arts in Communication program begins (graduate coordinator: Dr. Deborah Cunningham Breede)
2019 - Interim chairs: Dr. Kyle J. Holody, Dr. Frederick Wood; associate chair: Dr. Christina Selby
- Graduate coordinator: Dr. Corinne Dalelio
2020 - Chair: Dr. Kyle J. Holody; associate chairs: Dr. Cassandra Carlson Hill, Dr. Christina Selby
- Graduate coordinator: Dr. Corinne Dalelio


The Department of Communication, Media, and Culture at Coastal Carolina University is committed to the pursuit of intentional, reflective, and systemic practices and praxes to mitigate and alleviate exclusion, inequity, hate, violence, and any forms of communication that sustain or reinforce such attitudes and behaviors. As members of the National Communication Association (NCA), we affirm the values expressed in its Credo for Free and Responsible Communication in a Democratic Society and its Resolution Condemning White Supremacy in Political Discourse. We are committed to working towards social justice and the condemnation of communication and actions that promote and/or express hatred, discrimination, intolerance, and violence.

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