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The Center for Applied Intelligence at Coastal Carolina University is dedicated to fostering dynamic connections between the study of intelligence and its practical application in government and industry. Led by faculty with a proven record of a career-focused approach to liberal arts education, the Center is committed to advancing students’ hands-on knowledge in intelligence. Our mission is to serve as a collaborative hub where students, educators, professionals, and thought leaders converge. We empower the next generation of intelligence practitioners with a comprehensive skill set, preparing them to navigate the complex challenges of the evolving security landscape.



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The Center for Applied Intelligence prepares CCU students for careers and leadership in the United States Intelligence Community (IC) and the private sector through high-impact practices.


Jonathan Smith (760) Added August 30, 2018Jonathan Smith

BRTH 230

Jon Smith holds a doctorate in political science and a master's degree in international studies from the University of South Carolina, where he specialized in National Security Decision Making. He also served in the US Navy Reserve for 23 years as an intelligence officer. Find Out More ►


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