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HTC Honors College

The HTC Honors College is home to innovative interdisciplinary programs that allow Coastal Carolina University students to explore the range of academic opportunities the university has to offer, while encouraging them to pursue their passions and hone their skills and talents.

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Our honors students develop expertise in a traditional academic major while they are engaged in innovative interdisciplinary research and creative inquiry as part of their honors coursework. While our students are from diverse backgrounds and are connected to colleges, departments and programs across campus, they are all part of the honors community and we do everything we can to support each of them as they progress in their degree programs and work toward graduation.

In addition to Honors, the HTC Honors College also supports the Women's and Gender Studies major and minor, the Sustainability and Coastal Resilience major, the Environmental Studies minor, and gerontology certificate program.

Please reach out if you have questions about any of our programs. We would love to hear from you!

At age 89, Doris Glass graduates from CCU

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Women in Technology Graduate Certificate Program

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