Faculty and Staff - Coastal Carolina University
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HTC Honors College

Faculty and Staff Directory

Dean's Office

Sara N. Hottinger
Kearns Hall 102
843-349-2473  |  shottinge@coastal.edu

Megan McIlreavy
Associate Dean
Kearns Hall 104D
843-349-2728  |  mmcilrea@coastal.edu

Louis E. Keiner
Associate Dean and Director of Honors 
Kearns Hall 116A
843-349-2226  |  lkeiner@coastal.edu

Lisa Gagne
Administrative Coordinator
Kearns Hall 101
843-349-2934  |  lgagne@coastal.edu

Faculty and Staff

Pam Martin
Professor, Honors Fellow Faculty
Kearns Hall 114F | plmartin@coastal.edu

Andrew Busch
Assistant Professor
Kearns Hall 114E
843-349-5055 | abusch@coastal.edu

Darcy Coughlan
Kearns Hall 104A
843-349-2462 | dcoughlan@coastal.edu

Victoria DePalma
Assistant Professor
Kearns Hall 211G
843-349-2774 | vdepalma@coastal.edu

Russell Fielding
Assistant Professor
Kearns Hall 211H
843-349-2396 | rfielding@coastal.edu

Celsa Noce
Program Assistant
Kearns Hall 116
843-349-2267 | cnoce@coastal.edu

Jennifer Mokos
Assistant Professor
Kearns Hall 114D
843-349-2919 | jmokos@coastal.edu

Sara Rich
Assistant Professor
Kearns Hall 114B
843349-2953 | srich2@coastal.edu

Ina Seethaler
Assistant Professor and Director, Women's and Gender Studies

Kearns Hall 104B
843-349-6919 | iseethale@coastal.edu

Keaghan Turner
Associate Professor
Kearns Hall 211F
843-349-4048 | kturner@coastal.edu

Michele S. Varga
Academic Advisor, Honors Student Engagement Coordinator
Kearns Hall 213A
843-349-6528 | mvarga@coastal.edu