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Graphic Design and Visual Communication Design

Graphic designers shape the way people see, use, and experience information. If you're interested in studying the practice of design, there are two degree programs—a BFA in Visual Communication Design, and a BA in Graphic Design—and a minor in Graphic Design.

By pursuing the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design, you will be immersed in a program that is conceptually driven and holistic in practice. This degree focuses on the mastery of diverse technical skills, the development of dynamic visual communication across multiple media, and an understanding of contemporary design practices. To apply for this program, you first enroll as a BA student, then complete a portfolio review in your second year.

By pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, you will learn how to be a visual communicator who explores what it means to convey ideas through type and image, as well as innovate through technology. In the classroom, you will build on the fundamental skills of the practice of design, and cultivate visual concept within a contemporary design field.

Click to Apply for the BFA in Visual Communication Design: Deadline for submission is March 15, 2023. 

BFA Visual Communication Design

BA Graphic Design

Minor Graphic Design



Experiential Opportunities

Athenaeum Press: Student-Driven Publishing Lab

Archarios Magazine

Tempo Magazine Spring 2020

Tempo Magazine




Coastal has numerous innovative and well-equipped labs to hone your practice in both studio fundamentals and advanced design.

Student working between iPad and mac in Edwards Design Studio

Design Lab and Studio

Rebecca Randall Bryan Art Gallery

Glowforge Fab Lab  (added 6/16/2022) MCD

Fabrication Lab




Visual Communication Design BFA

Foundation Requirements
(13 Courses)

Art FoundationARTS 103 - Fundamentals of Art I
ARTS 104 - Fundamentals of Art II
ARTS 105 - Fundamentals of Art III
ARTS 111 - Fundamentals of Drawing
ARTS 112 - Fundamentals of Drawing II
ARTH 106 - History of Western Art II


Design Foundation
ARTD 108 - A Survey of Graphic Design
ARTD 201 - Graphic Design I
ARTD 202 - Graphic Design II
ARTD 208 - Typography I


Art History Foundation
ARTH 106 - History of Western Art II
ARTH 250 Q - Concepts in Art History
ARTH 105 - History of Western Art I
ARTH 107 - World Art

Major Requirements
(11 Courses)

ARTS 262 - Introduction to Photography
ARTS 298 - Concepts in the Artistic Process
ARTD 304 - Motion Design
ARTD 305 - Interaction Design
ARTD 306 - User Experience Design
ARTD 308 - Typography II
ARTD 309 - Enviornmental Design
ARTD 310 - Identity Systems
ARTD 397 - Visual Communication Design Exhibition
ARTD 400 - Design Systems
ARTD 499 - Special Topics in Visual Communication Design
Study Abroad, Internship, or Pre-Professional Studio

(1 Course)

ARTS 497 Q - The Artist as a Professional
Senior Showcase
6 Creativity and Development Workshops

Major Requirements  »
Sample 4 Year Plan

Graphic Design BA

Foundation Requirements
(7 Courses)

ARTS 103 - Fundamentals of Art I
ARTS 104 - Fundamentals of Art II
ARTS 105 - Fundamentals of Art III
ARTS 111 - Fundamentals of Drawing
ARTS 112 - Fundamentals of Drawing II
ARTH 106 - History of Western Art II
ARTD 108 - A Survey of Graphic Design

Major Requirements
(12 Courses)

ARTS 231 - Life Drawing I
ARTS 297 - Sophomore Review
ARTS 298 - Concepts in the Artistic Process
ARTH 250 Q* - Concepts in Art History
ARTD 201 - Graphic Design I
ARTD 202 - Graphic Design II
ARTD 205 - Designing for the Screen
ARTD 301 - Graphic Design III
ARTD 302 - Graphic Design IV


Choose one ARTH 200 level or above course


Design Electives
2 ARTD Courses

Practicum & Capstone
(2 Courses)

ARTD 497 Q - The Designer as a Professional
Senior Showcase

Major Requirements  »
Sample 4 Year Plan



Minor in Graphic Design

The minor in Graphic Design has two tracks: one for Art Studio majors, and the other for those outside art programs.

Art Studio Majors

Due to the requirements of art studio, these majors will already have a strong foundation in studio practices and, therefore, could customize their major by developing graphic design skills offered in this minor. Art studio majors will paint, draw, and sculpt, but with a minor in Graphic Design, art studio students will also learn web design, photography, and desktop publishing, and, thus, expand their career possibilities.

Minor Requirements »


All Other Majors

The Graphic Design for All Other Majors is designed for complementary majors, such as Communications, Marketing, or Digital Culture and Design, who are interested in tailoring their major with the unique skills acquired by studying art and design. With a broad foundation in studio art and design, the minor complements many majors and can help lead to careers involving social media research and marketing or web design, and advertising.

Minor Requirements  »



Program Faculty Spotlight

Priscilla Meyers

Scott Mann

Professor, Graphic Design

History of Typography, Letterpress Printing

Jonathan Doe

Jeff Case

Associate Professor


Katie Lupton

Assistant Professor

Graphic Design, Typography, Design Thinking, Environmental Design

Amanda Green
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Application Requirements

» For scholarship consideration: submit your portfolio (March 1, 2021)

» For the BFA, enroll as an Art Studio major, then apply for the BFA after completing 18 credit hours (6 courses)

» Application

» $45 Application Fee

» Official Transcripts (Highschool, Secondary School, or Previous College)

» SAT/ACT Test Scores (optional)

For International Students

» Proof of English Proficiency (ESL Students)

» Passport


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