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Religious Studies

Religious studies is the study of the development of religious beliefs and practices across time and cultures. You will learn about the history of the most influential texts in world, how religion impacts public and private life, as well as the role of religions in shaping cultures past and present. And since religions are central to all human societies and often a driving force behind significant historical transformations, studying religion enables you to become more engaged and informed global citizens prepared for a variety of careers. As a religious studies major, you can choose Religion in Public Life or Textual Studies as your concentration.

Religious studies majors at Coastal will benefit from small classes, supportive faculty who are experts in their fields, and a close-knit community of students driven to better understand the world around them. Majors also have many opportunities to participate in student clubs, internships, study abroad, experiential learning, and leadership programs.

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Experiential Opportunities

Jackson Scholars

Ethics Academy

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Study Abroad




As a religious studies major, you can concentrate on textual studies or religion in public life.

Foundation Requirements
(5 Courses)

RELG 203 - Studying Religion: Theory and Methods
RELG 300 - Religion in Public Life


RELG 103 - World Religions
RELG 104 - Introduction to Asian Religions


PHIL 101 - Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 102 - Introduction to Ethics


ANTH 102 - Understanding Other Cultures
SOC 101 - Introductory Sociology

Major Requirements
(5 Courses)

Choose 2 Courses:
RELG 205 - Introduction to Abrahamic Religions
RELG 322 - Introduction to Islam
RELG 323 - Christianity: Sects and Practices
RELG 330 - Introduction to Judaism


Choose 2 Courses:
RELG 320 - Introduction to Buddhism
RELG 324 - Hinduism
RELG 350 - Lives of Hindu and Buddhist Saints
RELG 351 - Religion of India
RELG 352 - Zen Buddhism (3 credits)


Choose 1 Course:
PHIL 300 - Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 319 - Environmental Ethics
PHIL 325 - Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 350 - Ethics of Sexuality and Gender
PHIL 370 - Medieval Philosophy

Concentration & Capstone
(3 Courses)

3 Courses from Textual Studies or Religion in Public Life Concentration
1 Course from Secondary Concentration

RELG 490 - Capstone Seminar
or RELG 499 - Senior Thesis

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Textual Studies Concentration
Major Requirements  »
Religion in Public Life Concentration




The minor in religious studies offers students the opportunity to investigate and understand the global range of religious traditions from an academic perspective. Students explore worldwide patterns of belief, practice, community, and their respective histories and development.

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Program Faculty

Priscilla Meyers

Jeffry Halverson

Associate Professor

Islam, History of Religions

Jonathan Doe

Erika Tritle

Assistant Professor

Christianity (history, theology, practice, New Testament), world religions, theory and method in the study of religion, religion in public life


Alan Todd


Jewish and Christian Biblical Exegesis in Antiquity; Archaeology of the Greco-Roman World

Amanda Green
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