Religious Studies

Explore deeply held beliefs, study ancient texts, develop historical understanding, build cultural literacy, and learn to communicate across differences.

Whether you come from a nonreligious background or a tightknit faith community; whether you suspect that religions have too much influence on public life or not enough; whether you want to know more about ancient texts, mull over the meaning of life and death, contemplate what makes something holy, be an informed traveler; or better understand and serve clients, patients, and neighbors, Religious Studies has room for you. 


All four of our faculty members have conducted research abroad (Japan, Israel, Egypt, Tunisia) and two of our faculty have received Fulbright awards. 

Where Religious Studies Can Take You

Religious Studies majors lay foundations that open doors to a wide range of career paths including nonprofit, government, and policy work; counseling and social work; education and healthcare; journalism, law, business, and ministry. 

“The small class size and relationships I build with my professors stand out. The opportunity for independent study and study abroad programs at CCU are incredible. I loved the Archaeology of the Bible, Introduction to Buddhism, and Qur'an classes I took. There is so much opportunity for customizing your degree path!”

-Lexi Clark
BA, Religious Studies, 2021
MA Teaching, 2023

Popular Courses in Interdisciplinary Studies

RELG 103: World Religions

This course examines worldwide patterns of religious beliefs and practices and investigates particular traditions, communities, and their histories. This course also investigates the role of religion in the modern world.

RELG 491: Holy Land and Sacred Space in Israel and Palestine

This program explores the region known as the Holy Land from the interdisciplinary perspectives of religion and literature. Courses will investigate the concept of holy land and place it into conversation with visions of homeland and ideas about sacred space in a region where approaches to these concepts have shaped people connected to this land for thousands of years.

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Religion in a Public Life Concentration
Major Requirements  »
Textual Studies Concentration
Minor Requirements  »
Religious Studies Minor

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