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Peace and Conflict Studies

The Peace and Conflict Studies minor takes a dynamic and interdisciplinary approach to studying inclusive and sustainable strategies for managing, transforming, and resolving conflict and promoting peaceful societies, systems, policies, and institutions. The curriculum explores theoretical foundations and practical strategies (advocacy, consensus-building, partnership development, and intervention tools) for advancing human rights, social justice, restorative goals, and cultural awareness by exploring real-life settings and situations.

Minor Peace and Conflict Studies







The 18-credit Peace and Conflict Studies Minor provides you with an enhanced understanding of the varied causes, conduct, and consequences of conflict, representations of conflict and peace, theories of conflict mitigation and resolution, practices in humanitarian assistance, and related mechanisms for the prevention and containment of violence through statecraft and international peace promotion efforts and organizations. The minor also includes multiple opportunities to prepare for taking the Foreign Service Exam, which is offered every semester and available through the CCU Testing Center.




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Philip Whalen (760) March 2018

Philip Whalen
Advisor, Professor of History

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