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Music Education

The Music Education program prepares you to be an artistic, confident, and successful teacher in Kindergarten through Grade 12 music programs. In order to guide you toward becoming a music educator, our comprehensive music education curriculum allows you to explore and study the world of music through a combination of classroom experiences and high-quality performance opportunities. This degree program guides you toward completing the requirements for licensure as a music educator in the public schools of South Carolina. Coastal Carolina University is proud that this professional course of study has a high percentage of graduates successfully placed in music teaching positions in South Carolina.

BME Bachelor of Music Education




Performance Spaces

Wheelwright Auditorium (added 10/21/2021) MCD

Wheelwright Auditorium

Recording Studio 760 (Added 10/21/2021) MCD

Wheelwright Recording Studio

Outdoor Stage 760 (added 10/21/2021) MCD

Outdoor Stage

Recital Hall Edwards (Added 11/8/2021) MCD

Edwards Recital Hall




As part of your program, you will complete two solo recitals and take additional courses in music theory, music history, and music business beyond the standard music core curriculum.

(32 Credits)

Ensemble (4 semesters)
MUS 100 - Recital Class (7 semesters)
MUS 119 - Introduction to Music Technology
MUS 115 - Concepts and Elements of Music Theory
MUS 116 - Principles of Harmony and Voice Leading
MUS 215 - Chromatic Harmony and Modulation
MUS 216 - Musical Structures
MUS 117-218 - Ear Training and Sight Singing I-IV
MUS 172-273 - Class Piano I-IV
MUS 253-254 - History of Western Music I-II


Performance Requirements

Applied Music (8 semesters)


Ensemble - 4 additional semesters

3 Credits of Health & Wellness

(17 Credits)

Instrumental Studies

MUED 165 - Class Voice I
MUS 333 - Conducting and Score Reading
MUS 334B - Instrumental Conducting
MUS 343 - American Music Traditions
MUS 345 - World Music Traditions
MUS 420 - Orchestration and Arranging
MUED 469B - Applied Wind Band Literature

Vocal Studies

MUS 135 - English Diction for Singers
MUS 136 - Italian Diction for Singers
MUS 137 - German Diction for Singers
MUS 138 - French Diction for Singers
MUS 333 and 334 - Conducting and Score Reading and Choral Conducting
MUS 434 - Vocal Literature
MUS 343 - American Music Traditions
MUS 345 - World Music Traditions
MUED 469A - Applied Choral Literature

Teacher Preparation

MUED 101 - Introduction to Music Education
MUED 200 - Mid-Program Review
MUED 292 - Fundamentals of String Instruments
MUED 313 - Music Literature for Grades Pre-K to 5
MUED 321 - Music Methods for Grades Pre-K to 2
MUED 353 - General Music Methods, Grades 6-12
MUED 421 - Music Methods for Grades 3-5
MUED 491 - Fundamentals of Percussion Instruments

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Instrumental Studies

MUED 237 - Choral Techniques for Instrumentalists
MUED 391 - Fundamentals of Brass Instruments
MUED 392 - Fundamentals of Woodwind Instruments
MUED 443 - Instrumental Music Methods I, Grades 6-8

Vocal Studies

MUED 245 - Brass and Wind Techniques for Vocalists
MUED 437 - Secondary Choral Methods

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