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Musical Theatre

Designed to train future musical theatre actors for a professional career, the BFA in Theatre Arts, Musical Theatre concentration focuses on building and honing the skills required for a life in the professional theatre. The program seeks students who are able to excel in an environment that demands disciplined, rigorous, studio-based training.

BFA Theatre Arts, Musical Theatre Concentration



Experiential Opportunities

Mainstage Productions

Student performing on stage at New York Showcase

Senior Showcase in New York

Guest Artists and Workshops




Shot of Wheelwright Auditorium with Strong Lights

Wheelwright Auditorium

Theatre Scene Construction Shop

TAPS Theatre Workshop

Edwards Theatre




(8 Courses)

THEA 100 – Theatre Common Hour
THEA 130 - Principles of Dramatic Analysis
THEA 150 - Acting I
THEA 154 - Introduction to Costuming
THEA 155 - Stagecraft
THEA 361 - Theatre History and Literature I
THEA 362 - Theatre History and Literature II
THEA 425 - World Dramatic Literature

Major Requirements
(26 Courses)

Applied Music - Voice (8 courses)
MUS 170 - Basic Musicianship I
MUS 171 - Basic Musicianship II
MUS 172 - Class Piano I
MUS 173 - Class Piano II
THEA 160 - Acting I Studio
THEA 171 - Stage Auditions
THEA 212 - Music Skills for Actors
THEA 242 - Vocal Production for the Actor
THEA 250 - Acting II
THEA 260 - Acting II Studio
THEA 295 - Musical Theatre Scene Study
THEA 299 - Musical Theatre Scene Study Studio
THEA 301 - Repertory for Musical Theatre I
THEA 302 - Repertory for Musical Theatre II
THEA 363 - Musical Theatre History
THEA 450 - Acting IV
THEA 460 - Acting IV Studio
THEA 498 - Musical Theatre Capstone


Dance (4 Courses) Fundamentals, Jazz, Tap, and Musical Theatre Dance Styles

Electives (2 Courses)
THEA 230 - Complete Stage Makeup
THEA 245 - Introduction to Physical Theatre
THEA 288 - Directing I: The Director’s Vision
THEA 342 Q - Voice and Speech
THEA 350 - Acting III
THEA 364 - Acting III Studio
THEA 368 - Acting for the Camera
THEA 372 - Movement for the Actor
THEA 462 - Dramatic Theory and Criticism

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Program Faculty Spotlight

Priscilla Meyers

Adam Pelty

Associate Professor

Dance, Movement

Jonathan Doe

Alex Lefevre

Assistant Professor

Musical Theatre


Monica Bell

Associate Professor

Vocal Performance, Movement, Acting

Amanda Green
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Student and Alumni Work

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Application Requirements

» Digital Audition (Deadline: January 15, 2023)

» Application

» $45 Application Fee

» Official Transcripts (Highschool, Secondary School, or Previous College)

» SAT/ACT Test Scores (optional)

For International Students

» Proof of English Proficiency (ESL Students)

» Passport


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