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Renée Smith

Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies/Faculty Senate Chair

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Professor Smith joined Coastal’s faculty in 2002. She specializes in philosophy of mind and philosophy pedagogy. 


Ph.D. Philosophy (2002, CU Boulder)
M.A. Philosophy (1999, CU Boulder)
B.A. Philosophy (1996, California State University, Sacramento)

Selected Publications

Smith, R. J. (2017) A course in metaphilosophy for undergraduates. Teaching Philosophy, 40:1, pp.55-83.

Smith, R. J. (2016) How to teach philosophy of mind. Teaching Philosophy (39:2), pp. 177-207. 

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Smith, R. J. (2014) Fire alarms, juries, and moral judgment. Think: Philosophy for Everyone, Summer,  (13:37), pp. 27 – 34. 

Smith, R. J. (2011). The broad perception model of introspection and the transparency of qualia. Behavior and Philosophy, 39, 69-81.

Smith, R. J. (2011) Moore and Descartes meet in a bar. Think: Philosophy for Everyone, Summer, 11(34), pp. 21-26 (1600 words). 

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Smith, R. J. (2011). Reading to learn to read philosophy. Discourse: Learning and teaching in philosophy and religious studies, 10:2, 175-194. (6300 words)

Smith, R. J.  (2010). Can the use of ‘nanny cams’ be morally justified? Think: Philosophy for Everyone, Spring, 9(24), pp. 91-96 (2000 words). 

Reprinted in Faculty Miscellany, College of Humanities and Fine Arts, Coastal Carolina University, pp. 35-39, 2012.

Smith, R. J. (2010). Against treating introspection as perception-like. Psyche, 16:1, 79-86.

Smith, R. J.  (2009).Wanted: A wife. In Arnold, E., Earl. E., Martin, P., Smith, R., & Tankersley, H., (2009). Working overtime: A multidisciplinary discussion of parenting and working in the 21st century.” Bridges, Winter, <> 

Reprinted in Faculty Miscellany, College of Humanities and Fine Arts, Coastal Carolina University, pp. 126-29, 2012.

Smith, R. J. (2007). Shoemaker’s moderate qualia realism and the problem of transparency. Disputatio, 2:22, 101-113.

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Also cited in Russell, T. L. "No Significant Difference - Presented by WCET." No Significant Difference. WCET (WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies) Is a Division of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, 2010. Web. 18 Apr. 2012. 

Teaching Areas

PHIL 101: Introduction to Philosophy (Distance and Traditional Sections)

PHIL 102: Introduction to Ethics 

PHIL 271: Philosophical Writing (Ethics of abortion, Metaphilosophy)

PHIL 110: Introduction to Logic (Distance and Traditional Sections)

PHIL 305: Contemporary Moral Issues

PHIL 309: Philosophy of Mind

PHIL 333: Doing Philosophy with Children 

PHIL 419: Epistemology 

Research Areas

Philosophy of Mind (phenomenal consciousness, qualia, introspection) Philosophy Pedagogy

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