Angelos K. Hannides

Associate Professor Angelos Hannides, PhD

Angelos Hannides, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Marine Science

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Ph.D., University of Hawai`i, Oceanography, 2008
M.S., SUNY Stony Brook, Marine Environmental Sciences, 2001
B.S., University of Miami, Marine Science and Biology, 1997

Research and Teaching Interests

I am a marine biogeochemist. I conducted my M.S. work on animal-sediment interactions, and my dissertation and post-doctoral work on the function of permeable coral reef sands as intense natural bioreactors. My current research activities center on sandy shores, land-ocean exchange of pollutants, specifically nutrients, and the biogeochemical implications of coastal engineering interventions such as beach nourishment and channel realignment. I also have a keen interest in sensors for biogeochemical parameters on static, ship-borne, and autonomous platforms. Finally, I am invested in the process of science informing policy, based on prior experience as an EU-member-state government scientist, policy maker, and consultant for the private environmental consulting sector. I teach introduction to marine science, marine chemistry, and environmental chemistry, with an interdisciplinary framework that includes the nexus of science and society.

Areas of Expertise

  • Nutrient and organic matter cycling
  • Permeable sediment biogeochemistry
  • Environmental assessment and monitoring indicators
  • Animal-sediment interactions
  • Biogeochemical sensors
  • Marine policy

Recent Publications

Graham, J., Hannides, A., Mamnun, N., Sitz, L.E., Walsh, I.D., Wood-Charlson, E.M., and Ponsoni, L. (2022) Ocean Sciences Perspectives on Integrated, Coordinated, Open, Networked (ICON) Science, Earth and Space Science, 9: e2021EA002124, doi: 10.1029/2021EA002124

Hannides, A., Elko, N., Roberts Briggs, T., Kim, S-C., Mercer, A., Park, K., Rosov, B., Searcy, R., and Walther, M. (2021) U.S. beach water quality monitoring, Shore & Beach, 89: 26-35, doi: 10.34237/1008933

Legut, N.A., Hawkins, B.T., and Hannides, A.K. (2020) The role of a permeable sand column in modifying tidal creek nutrient inputs to the coastal ocean. Water, 12: 3079, doi: 10.3390/w12113079

Hannides, A., Elko, N. and Humiston, K. 2019. An ASBPA white paper: The state of understanding of the effects of beach nourishment activities on coastal biogeochemical processes and conditions. Shore & Beach, 87: 46-57. doi:10.34237/1008734

Ulfsbo, A., A. Hannides, D. Atamanchuk, A. Poteau, S. Hartman, H. Bittig, Y. Voynova, B. Fiedler, A. Comeau, and P. Bresnahan. 2017. Biogeochemical Parameters: pH. In: A user’s guide for selected autonomous biogeochemical sensors. An outcome from the 1st IOCCP International Sensors Summer Course [Lorenzoni, L., M. Telszewski, H. Benway, A. P. Palacz (eds.)]. IOCCP Report No. 2/2017, pp. 43-59.

Hannides, A.K. and R.C. Aller. 2016. A priming effect of benthic gastropod mucus on sedimentary organic matter remineralization. Limnology and Oceanography, 61: 1640-1650. doi:10.1002/lno.10325