Erin Hackett

Erin Hackett


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Ph.D., Physical Oceanography, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Johns Hopkins University
M.C.E., Civil Engineering, Johns Hopkins University  
B.S., Physics, Roanoke College

Erin Hackett's vita

CSCC 178: Environmental Fluids Lab
Department of Marine Science
Coastal Carolina University

Research Interests

  • Coastal ocean physical oceanography
  • Ocean surface waves
  • Turbulent boundary layers
  • Radar remote sensing
  • Electromagnetic wave propagation in the marine environment
  • Marine atmospheric boundary layer

Courses Taught

  • Essentials of Physics II
  • Statics
  • Coastal Marine and Wetland Processes
  • Temporal and Spatial Analysis
  • Introduction to Scientific Computing
  • Fluids Forum
  • Topics in Environmental Fluids
  • Physical Oceanography

Graduate Students

  • Jensine Coggin (M.S.)
  • Daniel Greenway (M.S. 2021; current Ph.D.)
  • Andrew Kammerer (M.S., 2017)
  • Ian Matsko (M.S., 2018)
  • Nathan Lentini (M.S., 2015)
  • Doug Pastore (M.S., 2018; current Ph.D.)
  • Matthew Rodriguez (M.S. 2021)
  • Mathew Stanek (M.S., 2018; current Ph.D.)
  • Vivian Turner (M.S. 2020)
  • Sarah Wessinger (M.S., 2022)



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