Susan Libes

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Susan Libes

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

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B.S., Douglass College, Rutgers University, Chemistry with General Honors and Distinction (1977)
Ph.D., Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution–Massachusetts Institute of Technology Joint Program in Oceanography and Ocean Engineering, Chemical Oceanography (1983)

Research and Teachigg Interests

Susan Libes is the director of CCU’s Waccamaw Watershed Academy and its state-certified Environmental Quality Laboratory. She engages in research, teaching and public outreach to meet regional needs for protecting water quality in the rivers and coastal waters of Horry and Georgetown counties. This includes deployment of real-time water quality, physical and meteorological sensors at three fishing piers on the Grand Strand of South Carolina. Other monitoring programs that provide data online include four volunteer water quality monitoring programs located in the Waccamaw River, Murrells Inlet and Surfside Beach and Briarcliffe Acres.

Research Interests
  • Monitoring
  • Source tracking and remediation of nutrients and pollutogens in marine and fresh waters
  • Public education and outreach covering nonpoint pollution
Recent Publications

Purvis, R.A., R.J. Winston, W.F. Hunt, B. Lipscomb, K. Narayanaswamy, A. McDaniel, M.S. Lauffer and S. Libes. 2019. Evaluating the Hydrologic Benefits of a Bioswale in Brunswick County, North Carolina (NC), USA. Water 11(6), 1291.

Purvis, R.A.; R.J. Winston, W.F. Hunt, B. Lipscomb, K. Narayanaswamy, A. McDaniel, M.S. Lauffer and S. Libes. 2018. Evaluating the water quality benefits of a bioswale in Brunswick County, North Carolina (NC), USA. Water 10(2), 134.

Troup, M.L., D.B. Fribance, S.M. Libes, R. Gurka and E.F. Hackett. 2017. Physical Conditions of Coastal Hypoxia in the Open Embayment of Long Bay, South Carolina: 2006–2014. Estuaries and Coasts 40, 1576–1591.