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Welcome to CCU's Cube Galleries

The Cube Galleries are a series of satellite, mini – galleries found on the campus of Coastal Carolina University. An extension of the Department of Visual Arts RRB Gallery, we are dedicated to creating opportunities for approachable interaction to contemporary art for non-traditional visitors. The Cube Galleries demystify the gallery space in order to foster expanded dialogs across the CCU community and beyond.  

Much like the Free Little Libraries that have popped up in neighborhoods throughout the country, The Cube Galleries bring contemporary art to the people where they are. The Cube Galleries at CCU were inspired by the Art Viewing Boxes of artist Jackson Martin, Suzanne Dittenber, Luke Whitlatch, and Tiger Strikes Asteroid Greenville placed in and around Ashville, NC. During the summer of 2020, Martin and his collaborators placed art boxes to show work outside of the white box of a traditional gallery. Coastal Carolina University has built five gallery boxes, The Cube Galleries, to create spaces on campus for students, faculty, and staff to experience artwork created by artists in the community and beyond our campus.  

Current Exhibitions

Sarah Bouchard Cube Exhibit 300x300 (Added 8/10/2021) MCDBreaking Rank 

August 18 – September 23, 2021 

Awarded Best of Show, Senior Studio Capstone Spring 2021
Sarah Bouchard  

This body of work, titled Breaking Rank, explores the transitionary periods of one’s physical and mental health brought about by previous manipulation in the military. Through an investigation of identity, we can observe what can potentially be lost or stunted due to the rigors of such intense mental abuse–there is a certain internal shift that occurs when a person is torn down and broken purposefully to conform to this narrative. By referencing military aircraft, I highlight phases one may go through both during and after active-duty time; that is, a shifting of mentality and emotional response. It is common for military personnel to remain detached and restrict their ability to express emotions or feelings. However, just because an individual is broken (or was broken) does not mean that they cannot find a way to express themselves freely and comfortably. This work utilizes my personal experiences in the military, but also expands to others with similar struggles. With the use of copper, pewter, and other materials, I create abstract forms that symbolize the disciplined and rigid nature of a military mindset, while simultaneously introducing elegant curves that reinforce a concept of liberation from restraint. Rivets and fabrication are used to unify each piece and make subtle reference to the exterior construction of aircraft. Though a manipulative past can cause one to become emotionless and distant, with time and introspection, the ability to express and feel can begin to flourish as they once did prior to training. 

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Ink to Surface Meghan O'Connor Cube Gallery Oct 2021 (Added 8/10/2021) MCD

October 4 – 29, 2021 

Printmaking ARTS 207, led by Assistant Professor of Visual Arts Meghan O’Connor 

For this project, participants were challenged with working with both representational and non-representational imagery.  The works you see explore physical layers, actual and implied depth, printing on alternate surfaces and materials, and mono-printing (playing with variation vs. a matrix).  This is the first project of the Fall 2021 semester in ARTS 201 Silkscreen Printing class. 


White Damareeay Cube Gallery Nov 2021 Still Life Painting 760 (Added 10/21/2021) MCD Realism and Beyond

November 8 - December 10, 2021

Selections from ARTS 211 Introduction to Painting and ARTS 312 Intermediate Painting, Abstraction, led by Assistant Professor Yvette Arendt.  

Rooted in the traditions of painting, this exhibition explores Visual Art student's beginning their exploration into acrylic paint as an artistic medium and students working outside their comfort levels exploring abstraction in the historical cannon of painting. 


This project would not have been possible without the collaborative efforts between Assistant Professor Yvette Arendt, Department of Visual Arts, design and construction by Ron Hinson, CCU Facilities, T. Rein Mungo, Director of Facilities Planning and Management, and Associate Dean Easton Selby Edwards College. 

 Want to find the CUBES? 

Cube Map 2021 (Added 10/21/2021) MCD



Yvette Arendt 
Assistant Professor of Visual Art | 843-349-2786

James Arendt 
Director, Rebecca Randall Bryan Art Gallery | 843-349-6409


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