Submit to Bridges

Coastal Carolina University students interested in submitting to Bridges are strongly encouraged to do so. The journal encourages and rewards high-quality scholarly work by students in all disciplines at CCU.

 A submission to Bridges must be in written format (APA style) but can be accompanied by slideshows, video presentations, audio recordings, and other "new media" formats not featured in printed journals. Submissions are reviewed before publication by members of an editorial board composed of CCU faculty members in a wide range of academic fields.

Students who wish to submit to the journal must be sponsored by a faculty member who has worked directly with the student on the project. Each submission must be accompanied by a brief supporting letter by the sponsoring faculty member. The faculty sponsor will then work with the student to ensure the highest-possible scholarly value of the submission and will guide the student through the revision and publication process if the article is accepted. Common sources of publishable-quality submission are graduate-level research projects and theses, senior and honors theses, course projects, and scholarly presentations and papers given at conferences.

The main focus of the journal is academic research. However, a creative work in a field such visual arts, music, writing, design, or theater may be included as an accompaniment to a publication in the journal. In such a case, the primary submission is not the creative work itself but is instead a scholarly preface to the creative work. In this preface, the student might, for example, place his or her work within the schools or traditions of a particular artistic discipline. Or the preface to such a submission might address the unique challenges and achievements involved in creating the work. The faculty sponsor for a submission of creative work, in consultation with the editor and Editorial Board, will determine on a case-by-case basis what constitutes an appropriate scholarly preface. PLEASE NOTE: If creative works are submitted, the explanatory preface is actually the primary document under consideration. A creative work itself will be linked to from the scholarly written preface to the work.

For further information, please contact:
Editor Keaghan Turner (
Managing Editor Kevin McWilliams (
Undergraduate Research Director Robert Young (