PDA FAQs - Coastal Carolina University
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1. What are PDAs? 

Professional Development Activities (PDAs) help prepare students to be professional in the business world.

2. How many PDAs do I need to graduate?

Students must complete 12 PDAs with at least one PDA in each of the six categories: Career Exploration, Practical Experience, Leadership and Communication, Online Presence, Interviewing Skills and Resume Development

3. Where do I find out about scheduled PDAs?

Students will receive weekly PDA newsletters every Friday morning from PDA@coastal.edu. These newsletters will let students know what PDA activities are happening the upcoming week. Additionally, all PDA activities are listed on the Wall College Calendar

4. How do I sign up for PDAs to hold my seat?

Some PDAs have limited seating and require advanced registration by students to sign up and reserve a seat. PDAs requiring sign-ups will have a registration link in the description of the PDA on the weekly PDA newsletter. 

5. How do I track my PDA credits?

Earned PDAs are recorded in Self-Service on your program evaluation in the Professional Development Activities section. Please allow 7 business days for an event attendance to post. 

6. What if I am unable to attend the PDAs that are listed on the calendar?

We have online PDA options available.

External PDAs can be submitted for credit by submitting the PDA credit request form for approval. For example, if a student participates in a PDA that is offered through an organization like the Chamber of Commerce, this event attendance can be submitted for approval. 

7. Why is my PDA credit not showing on my Program Evaluation?

Please allow 7 business days for your credit to be posted. After 7 business days you can contact PDA@coastal.edu about your missing credit. Please note: graduating seniors take priority as we post your credit. 

8. Why was my PDA Credit denied? 

When a PDA credit is denied the reason will be listed under the "Note" section of the denial email you receive from PDA@coastal.edu. PDA credits that re denied generally can be resubmitted for credit.

9. I am attending a PDA event. How do I get credit? 

When a PDA event hosted by CCU is finished there will be a QR code for attendees to scan. Please scan that QR code code and login with your CCU credentials to receive credit. If the event is not hosted by CCU please submit a PDA credit request form

10. How can I keep up-to-date on upcoming PDAs? 

Check your email regularly, keeping an eye out for the weekly PDA Newsletters. PDA update emails generally come out on Friday. Any last-minute event information is sent through email. Also, check the Wall College Calendar.