Student Executive Leaders Program

Student Executive Leaders Program

“I have been an active member within SEL. However, the Career Trek has been the best and most valuable learning experience I've had within the program and Coastal.” – Axsel Brown

The Student Executive Leaders (SEL) Program was designed to help raise the visibility of our top business students to outside firms and organizations for the purpose of increasing its members' chances of success after graduation. Entrance into SEL is by invitation only, and invitations are only extended to students who have demonstrated academic excellence and a commitment to superior achievement. Invitations are sent at the beginning of every fall and spring semester to students who qualify. 

Students accepted into the SEL Program will have access to exclusive professional resources such as resume books, exclusive recruitment for both internships and full-time positions, and will attend workshops on personal branding, interviewing and leadership skills, and professionalism. Members will be invited to attend networking events, executive visits and various other activities throughout the year, and will have the opportunity to be matched with an executive member within their field of interest. Private recruitment is preferred over general job postings by most major employers, therefore SEL members will likely be eligible for positions that are not made public to all students. Your resume may also be included in a resume book, which will be sent to prospective hiring managers of major organizations and Fortune 500 companies. 

What is a resume book? 

Seventy-two percent of employers will first look at internal resources (referrals, their own resume database, the talent/community network before posting a job to the public (CareerBuilder's Candidate Behavior Study with Inavero, 2016).

Resume books are designed to provide recruiters and hiring managers with exclusive access to resumes of CCU students who are seeking job or internship opportunities, and are created with the best interests of students in mind. Occasionally, an employer will decide not to post a position to our JobLinks database, but instead request that trusted acquaintances help try to fill a particular position. Recruiters much prefer to see a handful of resumes matching their specific criteria to having to sort through hundreds of applications. Companies visiting campus for networking events may also use resume books to invite select students to attend or interview for positions within their organizations.

By joining the SEL program and submitting your approved resume and cover letter, you are authorizing the Wall College of Business to provide your resume (including your contact information) to certain employers. When a trusted company or individual contacts us seeking a particular type of employee or intern, we may release a collection of matching resumes to them for consideration. In addition to being notified by the SEL Program via email of opportunities that match your qualifications and interests, employers may also contact you directly about job or internship openings, information sessions, or interviews.

Please make sure that your resume and contact information are up-to-date so you don’t miss out on an employer’s invitation. As you build experience and skills, you may submit updated resumes to the SEL Program, but they must follow the Classic SEL format. You may request to be removed from the SEL program and/or Resume Books at any time by contacting in writing.


The SEL Program is restricted to juniors and seniors who possess a 3.3 or higher cumulative GPA. All candidates MUST be approved by the Wall College's leadership team. There are no dues or financial obligations associated with the SEL Program. 

For more information about the SEL Program, contact Ellen Hayward at or 843-349-2679. 

“Thank you for planning the SEL Career Trek to Charlotte; it was an amazing experience! I learned many helpful tips from the workshops that will strengthen me as a job candidate and a professional.  Touring the facilities and hearing from representatives of the company was an opportunity that I would not have otherwise had.” – Emily Graham