Are you ready for your future? 

It's time to shift from your role as a student to an employee in the workplace. This process is more than just finding a job - it's about understanding and effectively highlighting your skills to help land your dream career. 

What is Quinncia? 

Quinncia is an online tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to scan your resume for common errors and shows you what to fix (and how!) to effectively make it through the applicant tracking systems used by most major companies. 

Applicant tracking systems (usually referred to as "ATS") help simplify the application review process for HR departments by filtering out resumes that aren't a close enough match to a position's set criteria. The problem is that many ATS systems will reject a strong candidate simply because their resume is improperly formatted. Quinncia will analyze your resume according to common ATS parameters and point out exactly what mistakes will prevent you from making it through those filters and into the hiring manager's hands! 

How does Quinncia work?
How does Quinncia work
Added Benefits:

With Quinncia's AI virtual assistant you can: 

  • Receive a dynamic resume analysis and recommendations for improvement
  • Discover what competencies you need to work on
  • Get tailored mock interview questions and personalized guidance
  • Practice delivering your unique value proposition (both in writing and verbally)
  • Enhance your sills with instant feedback
  • See how you compare to other students 

The best part: Wall College of Business students have access to Quinncia for free - just make sure to register using your CCU email address. 

In addition, resume critiques using Quinncia are eligible for PDA credit, but you MUST submit evidence that you've taken steps to improve your resume based on the feedback provided. Once you've made the required and suggested changes (i.e. there's no more flags in Quinncia), submit your updated resume using the PDA Credit Request Form


Quinncia Tutorial

Quinncia Tutorial Video

Contact Information

Ellen Hayward 
Director, Wall Center Career Services 
Wall 228D 
843-349-2679 | eeryan@coastal.edu 

Noah Whitlock  
Career and Professional Development Coordinator   
Wall 228C
843-349-2111 | ngwhitloc@coastal.edu