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Wall College Tutors

**Tutoring is provided online only using email, Microsoft Teams (which is included with your CCU Office 365 email account), or Zoom. Please email the tutor to set up an online appointment.**

Tutoring is available for the following business foundation courses:CBAD 201, CBAD 202, CBAD 291, CBAD 292, CBAD 301, CBAD 350, CBAD 363/FIN 301, ECON 201, and ECON 202

For more information, contact Yoav Wachsman at yoav@coastal.edu.

Summer I Schedule

Tutor: Morgan Burdette
Email: maburdett@coastal.edu  
Subject: Statistics 
Dates and Times: Monday and Tuesday (1-6 p.m.)

Tutor: Somer Dalla-Bona 
Email: srdallab@coastal.edu  
Subjects: Accounting and Finance 
Dates and Times: Monday and Wednesday (9 a.m. - noon) Thursday (9 a.m. -1 p.m.)

Tutor: Ryver Morrow
Subjects: Statistics
Dates and Times: Monday-Friday (1- 3 p.m.)