Meet the Dialogue Fellows - Coastal Carolina University
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CCU Dialogue Fellows

Fall 2019 Fellows

Anna Beck  Student, Gupta College of Science
Mattison Drinkwater
Student, College of Education
Jasmine Jackson  Student, Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts
Kai Legette-Gideon  Student, Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts
Jordan Maxwell  Student, Gupta College of Science
Meredith Persin  Student, Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts
Ryan Failing  Academic Adviser, Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts
Gracia Gavin  Coordinator, Training, Development and Service Excellence
David Holiday  Director, Jackson Family Center for Ethics and Values
Daphne Holland  Assistant Provost, Student Success Initiatives, Coastal Student Success Center
Tiffany Hollis  Assistant Professor, Spadoni College of Education
Bob Jenkot  Associate Professor, Gupta College of Science
Amanda Masterpaul  Teaching Associate, Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts
Scott Parker  Associate Professor, Gupta College of Science
Sara Peacock
  Assistant Dean, Dean of Student Office
Justin Poindexter  Assistant Director, Housing Facilities
Sherri Restauri  Director, Coastal Office of Online Learning
Gary Schmidt  Chair/Professor, Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts
Christian Smith  Assistant Professor, Edwards College of Humanities of Fine Arts
Ben Sota
  Assistant Professor, Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts
Lila Taylor  Senior Accountant, Office of Financial Services
Matt Wilkinson  Associate Professor, Gupta College of Science

In addition to the selected Fellows, a number of campus staff and administrators elected to participate in dialogue training in order to build their expertise and dialogue skills, and are able to facilitate dialogue groups:

Jennie Cassidy  Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs/Senior Director Counseling Services
Debbie Conner  Vice President for Student Affairs
Darla Domke-Damonte  Associate Provost for Global Initiatives
Peter Paquette  Associate Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students
James Solazzo  Associate Provost for Assessment and Accreditation/Professor
Holley Tankersley Associate Provost for Strategy and Development/Professor