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CCU staffer selected for national campus card course

July 6, 2017
Scott Gallimore

Coastal Carolina University's Scott Gallimore is one of 12 professionals from colleges and universities across the country selected by the National Association for Campus Card Users (NACCU) for a specialized course as part of the Standards and Guidelines (SAGs) program. CINO is a traditional CCU expression signifying Coastal Is Number One.

Gallimore is CCU's CINO card specialist. The CINO card is the University's official photo identification card that has multiple uses on campus such as borrowing books from the library, gaining access to resident halls, paying for food and more.

Gallimore is an alumnus who has worked with the University for nearly a decade. For the last seven years, he has developed and grown the CINO Card operation into one of the most critical services on the campus.

"Every day, students, staff, faculty and other CCU community members utilize the CINO Card to identify themselves, access academic, administrative and residential spaces, eat and shop at retailers far beyond the boundaries of our campus," said Steve Harrison, director of CCU housing services. "We look forward to Scott and his team bringing new expertise to our division and partnering with him to provide new and innovative services to our operations and the entire campus."

Gallimore and the CINO Card team joined Campus Life and Student Engagement in August 2016. The SAGs course is a remote classroom experience that will provide step-by-step guidance, support, feedback and peer review to assist campus card offices in completing the assessment. The SAGs course will run for 10 months.