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CCU' Edwards College launches Edwards Live to offer virtual cultural and educational experiences

April 10, 2020
Humanities college launches online content initiative called Edwards Live to keep students connected and engaged with goings-on within the college.

As we all transition to our various dimensions of the COVID-19 "new normal" lifestyle, Coastal Carolina University's Thomas W. and Robin W. Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts is on a mission to reimagine, rather than suspend, its steady production of cultural and educational offerings for students, faculty, and the Horry County community.

With all CCU instruction remaining online through the end of summer classes, the Edwards College is rounding out its virtual activities by providing a range of content that informs and inspires audience members and participants.

The initiative, aptly named Edwards Live, is a four-pronged approach that harnesses the accessibility and exposure of social media platforms. Each program focuses on a different aspect of scholarly, artistic, or social life that has been redirected during the COVID-19 pandemic. The mission behind Edwards Live is to emphasize that learning, communicating, and artistic expression have not stopped; they have merely changed form, and its programming brings those behind-the-scenes activities to the public eye.

"What does it mean to teach online? What does it mean to run a college from everybody's spare bedroom?" said Claudia Bornholdt, dean of the Edwards College. "We want to emphasize the idea that we're fully operational and that we have recreated our work spaces at home. We have family around and pets around and the washing machine on in the background, but we're still carrying on."

All content is accessible by following the college channels on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

"A View from the Desk" is a showcase of how faculty and students work and learn during the COVID-19 period. Through interviews, photographs, and pre-recorded home office and studio tours, Edwards students and faculty share experiences of creating lessons, generating and completing virtual assignments, and maintaining a sense of academic community.

"Voices and Visions" is a blog, shared on social media, in which students and faculty members share reflections on daily life, work, accomplishments, and challenges in living through the COVID-19 pandemic. The blog is primarily text-based but also includes images and the occasional video on life in these unprecedented times.

"Cultural Arts from a Distance" features artistic and scholarly performances from guest artists, faculty, and students. Content ranges from spontaneous solo pieces recorded in a home studio to scripted and staged recordings from nationally renowned scholars and artists originally scheduled to appear on campus.

"Modicum" is a virtual means for the Edwards College to convey pertinent, up-to-date factual information about CCU policies, announcements, and operations. Bornholdt said Edwards Live also offers its audience a break from everyday stresses and anxiety related to unpredictable current events.

"The idea is just to give people a moment of respite," said Bornholdt. "A moment to listen to some beautiful music, a moment to see how an artist is working from home, and a moment to discover a new idea."

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