Fire Safety

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Cooking is the cause of 83% of University housing fires.

  • Never leave cooking unattended.
  • Cook only where it is permitted.
  • If a fire starts in a microwave, keep the door closed and unplug the unit.

Candles are one of the leading causes of fires in both on- and off-campus dwellings. Coastal Carolina University forbids the use of candles in residence halls. Nationally, 20% of fires in residence hall rooms are started by candles.

  • Use flameless candles, which are both safe and attractive.


Coastal Carolina University is a tobacco- and vape-free campus, and no smoking is allowed in residence halls.

Alcohol, Drugs, and Fire Don’t Mix

Alcohol and drugs increase your chance of falling asleep while smoking. They also reduce your ability to respond to a fire alarm and escape from a fire.

Escape plans should always be known and practiced. Coastal Carolina University Fire and Safety staff conducts fire drills at all campus facilities. Always know two ways out, no matter where you are.

  • Get low and go under the smoke to escape to your safe exit.
  • Feel the door before opening it. If it is hot, use your second way out.
  • Use the stairs; never use an elevator during a fire.

Fire sprinklers and smoke alarms are inside every residence hall and residents’ suites. Smoke alarms and fire sprinklers are tied into the fire alarm systems and, when activated, will automatically notify Coastal Carolina University Public Safety.  

  • Don’t tamper with, cover, or remove smoke alarms.
  • Don’t hang things on or cover fire sprinklers, which could affect their ability to work properly.
  • When the smoke alarm sounds, immediately evacuate the building; don’t assume it’s a false alarm.

Fire sprinklers and smoke alarms are the most effective fire loss prevention and reduction measure for both life and property. Fire sprinkler systems offer the greatest level of safety because they control the fire immediately in the room of fire origin, help limit the spread of fire, and often extinguish the fire before the fire department arrives. Every Coastal Carolina University residence hall, including Magnolia, Azalea, The Woods, and University Place, is equipped with fire sprinklers.

The combination of working smoke alarms and fire sprinklers reduce the likelihood of dying in a fire by more than 82%.

Know who to call in an emergency

  • On-Campus Emergency: 843-349-2911 or 911
  • Nonemergency: 843-349-2177
  • Fire Marshal: 843-349-2930

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